Why the change?

The start...

The start…

If you have followed me over here from The Lazy Randonneur and are wondering why I stopped publishing that blog and started this one I have an answer for you.

The short answer is it was clearly a time for a change on many fronts and stopping the TLR Blog was part of that change.

The long answer is….well…long! So let me summarize by saying I needed to break old patterns and free up time for other things. Although I could have changed my blogging ways and kept the TLR going. That would sort of be like wanting to drink less and still going to the pub everyday after work. You could order only water or OJ, but the reality is it’s far easier to just not go to the pub at all and avoid the temptation. So think of this site as the blog equivalent of a juice bar! 😉

I posted this picture of one bookshelf in my office because it represents some of the change I’m after. Ever since I moved to Victoria my office has been a disaster zone with one project/trip starting before the last one[s] were finished and packed away. That chaos was always only barely held in check by my need to walk around the office – hence needing some clear space.

So I have started to really clean up and organize my stuff.

And although on the surface this process is only about things the reality is it also means I have to reorganize and prioritize the stuff I do. If I focus on what’s important to me and follow each task through to the end the chaos is defeated.

The bookshelf above has never been so organized and tidy. I have easy access to everything I need and in the process I got rid of or put away the other items I don’t need regular access to.

Less, but better!

This process extends outside my office and home. I want to make sure I am doing the things I want to do as much as I am able to. That may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get distracted by 10 small things close at hand that eat up your free time so you miss out on 1 of the bigger goals on your bucket list.

I still plan on blogging and taking pictures. Just less often and about stuff I care about more.

I’m hoping to share something once a week. I’ll try and make it worth your while to stop by and read it, but I am also going to be fine with letting this blog sit idle if necessary.

— Keep the rubber side down my friends… 😉

2 thoughts on “Why the change?

  1. Vik,

    I’m a little confused here.

    I still see posts over at Lazy, but rarely anything here?

    In any case, I’ll miss your frequent posts, and so will many of your other readers, I’m sure. Gotten spoiled with allmost daily content from you! I haven’t posted on my blog in months! Enjoy your break!


    • I had some video links left in my “pocket” I’m posting up to TLR and when I’m done – like next week I’ll post the final post there.

      I figured nobody would look here just yet! 😉

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