Mike & David Ride The Missing Link

Two Karate Monkeys...

Two Karate Monkeys…

Mike & David dropped me a line about riding from Duncan to Sooke, BC along The Missing Link Route that I had posted GPS data for. I was keen to join them, but having just come back from LA last week and heading out again towards Alberta this week it wasn’t meant to be.

— Photos from my Missing Link Trip to show you where Mike & David were riding.

I did get a chance to meet up with them in Sooke for a beer which was fun. They had some nice Surly Karate Monkey bikes that were enviously light compared to my bikepacking machine. I was glad to hear that their trip was fun and that they found the GPS track I posted useful. Although I’d rather be out riding – knowing that info I posted online helped somebody else have fun bike camping is the next best thing. 🙂

David & his Monkey...

David & his Monkey…

David lives up the island in Campbell River and is a dedicated mountain biker so I am hopeful our paths will cross again during my bikepacking route recon missions and on trail riding trips to Cumberland.

Mike lives on the mainland and has a bunch of touring ideas in his neck of the woods. I told him it would be rad to go on a tour that I didn’t have to plan. Just showing up and riding would be a treat!

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