Fox Dirtpaw Race Glove Review…

Fox Pawtectors aka Dirtpaws...

Fox Pawtectors aka Dirtpaws…

What is it?

The Fox Dirtpaw glove is a mid-weight mountain bike glove. It’s got a robust construction and minimal rubberized protection elements that make it more burly than a lightweight XC glove, but it’s not as tough or well protected as a dedicated DH glove.

The gloves I have were originally called Pawtectors, but over the 5yrs I have used them Fox has morphed that model into the Dirtpaw.

Fox gloves in action in Sedona, AZ...

Fox gloves in action in Sedona, AZ…


This pair of gloves has been my goto product for 98% of my mountain bike riding over the last 5yrs. From winter trips to the SW desert to riding in the Canadian Rockies and then onto year round riding in the PNW.

The top...

The top…


These gloves are made from synthetic leather [palm/thumb] and a combination of nylon and rubber [main body]. They’ve got a flexible light feel when on the hand.

The palm...

The palm…


The two best things I can say about this glove is that they worked so well over a wide variety of conditions that I never thought about them in use and that they have lasted 5yrs with minimal wear despite a ton of abuse.

The tip of one finger is starting to get shredded. I’ll probably cut off the tips of the 2 big fingers on each glove and keep wearing them in warm weather for a while longer. Eventually I’ll buy a new pair and hopefully get another 5yrs+ out of them.

These gloves just work. They are warm enough in the PNW winter to keep my hands comfortable. They dry relatively quickly when wet and they are cool enough for spring/fall desert adventures.

They provide good grip on the bars and despite quite a few crashes they are holding up extremely well.

They used to look pretty sweet – at least for the first 2-3yrs. They do look a bit grungy and haggard now, but I can’t fault them for that knowing what they’ve been through.

The fit is what I would call normal. I take a XL in these gloves.

I wouldn’t change a thing about these gloves.

Finger tip wear...

Finger tip wear…


I paid ~$35 for these gloves 5yrs ago. The current version is $23 on Fox’s web store. Even at the higher price they have been a good value for me.


These Fox gloves are a solid product that is a good value and offers excellent longterm performance. They’re definitely Vikapproved and I definitely will be replacing them with another set of Fox gloves.

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