Shimano Dynohub DH-3N80 – 1 Yr Review

Shimano dynohub on Sharon's Cross Check...

Shimano dynohub on Sharon’s Cross Check…

Sharon’s been riding this Shimano Dynohub [DH-3N80] for about a year now on her daily commuter Surly Cross Check to power a B&M IQ Cyo Plus R light. I used it previously on my LHT, but it didn’t see a ton of use on my bike. I’ve also used a similar Shimano hub on one of my randonneur recumbents.

So far it’s been trouble free, it rolls well with no noticeable drag and the cost was reasonable.

If you take the long view on bike products and/or you are a uber high mileage rider you might want to look at the SON dynohubs. They will last longer and have slightly less drag, but you can buy 3 Shimano dynohubs for the same cost. For bike commuting I don’t think the minor differential in drag is worth worrying about – you will not notice it.

We’ll keep rolling on this hub and see how long it lasts. Sharon’s commute is ~10km round trip so she doesn’t rack up a lot of kms.

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