Ellison Provincial Park Redux – Vernon, BC

Very dry and dusty...

Very dry and dusty…

I found myself working in Vernon with some free time in the afternoon so I headed over to Ellison Provincial Park for some shredding.

Love these signs...

Love these signs…

At well over 30 deg C it was a hot one, but other than a couple times I thought I was having a minor heart attack I was smiling despite the toasty conditions.

Lazy monkey....

Lazy monkey….

My hydration pack was drained pretty quickly even though I was pedalling for less than 2hrs.

Deep in the woods...

Deep in the woods…

I was pretty happy to crank the AC when I was back at my vehicle.

Nice workstand...

Nice work stand…

But, I was also happy to get out to Ellison and get some riding in even if it was hot as hell! 😉

Integrated pump and tools...

Integrated pump and tools…


4 thoughts on “Ellison Provincial Park Redux – Vernon, BC

  1. Welcome back to vernon. If you get a chance you should go up to silver star and ride the new xc trail network. Some awesome trails like BX Creek and Crack O Dawn. Rad to see a non-local posting about our beloved trails!

    • Hi Paul…I actually went to Silverstar on the same trip, but I rode at the bikepark and didn’t have time [nor the energy] to check out the XC trails.

  2. Hi, your pictures are always very nice, very sharp and with vivid colors. What camera do you use? Do you post-process the pictures with Photoshop or something similar? Regards

    • @fredrico – Thanks. I use one of 2 cameras on this blog:

      – Canon S95 point and shot
      – Canon T2i DSLR

      The DSLR takes much better photos, but it’s large and I have to stop to pull it out of my pack for a shot. The S95 is carried on my hip in a small bag so it’s always close at hand.

      I use iPhoto on my Mac to post-process photos.

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