Fun Daddy Loop

Goofy self-timer shot...

Goofy self-timer shot…

I love finding GPS tracks for sweet MTB loops online. I know that shit doesn’t just happen so I’m paying it forward by documenting my fun local rides for someone else’s benefit.

Click for interactive map and GPS track...

Click for interactive map and GPS track…

This loop is a ~2hr ride for an average MTBer featuring lots of fun techy climbing and then a berm-ilicious jumpy downhill.

Trails ridden:

– shock treatment from parking lot
– cross over
– say ahhhh
– fun trail
– Dave’s line
– phase two
– jelly roll
– lumpy pants
– who’s your daddy?
– skull trail
– shock treatment back out


Taking a break…

Winter riding conditions are in full effect. Slippery roots mean you need to break out a whole new set of bike skills that will become second nature for the next 5 months or so.

Time to head down!

Time to head down!


One thought on “Fun Daddy Loop

  1. This is one of my “go to” loops, so much fun!

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