Tzouhalem Russ Loop

Click on image for large interactive map...

Click on image for large interactive map…

Sharon and I got out for a great ride Sunday with the Dirty Girlz and the Dirt Hombres Mountain Bike Clubs at Tzouhalem. The weather was looking grim indeed with uber high winds and pelting rain as we drove over the Malahat towards Duncan BC. One thing about Vancouver Island I have learned over the years is that the weather can be very very localized. Sure enough we arrive at the trailhead parking lot to blue skies and sun! 😉

12 gnarly shredders!

12 gnarly shredders!

It was great to get a dozen riders out on the trails together. Russ [far left] is a long-time local islander and he was kind enough to guide us around the trails on a really fun loop. I’ve posted the GPS track on Ride With GPS just click on the map at the top of this post to download it.

I accidentally left my DSLR at home and only had my worst quality P&S camera so pics are limited and a bit pathetic! On the plus side I got to just ride and ride without messing with a camera much.

Team Lazy! on the top of Tzouhalem...

Team Lazy! on the top of Tzouhalem…

The trails were fairly dry with only say 10% on the soggy side. Roots were a bit slippery, but that added to the mental chess game of riding through techy sections. Although we ran into a handful of other riders we pretty much had the trails to ourselves.

Deanna with her new Santa Cruz Bronson...

Deanna with her new Santa Cruz Bronson…

Not sure what was up with the Santa Cruz posse, but 9 of the 12 riders were on SC bikes. Deanna was shredding a new Bronson 650B rig and loving it. Michael and Jean were on new SC Heckler 650B bikes and Joanne was our 650B pioneer on her 5 month old Bronson.

John and his Turner...

John and his Turner…

Everyone had lots of fun and the group was well balanced with folks at both ends of the skill spectrum so you had someone to ride with and then the whole group could re-group at rest breaks. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was an awesome day! 🙂

Driving home in the pouring rain only enhanced our feeling of snatching a glorious ride from the jaws of winter! 😉


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