Ready for Sedona!

I'm ready for some desert riding...

I’m ready for some desert riding…

Sharon and I are leaving Victoria on Saturday for a 3 week road trip to Sedona. I can’t wait to get my bike all covered in red dust and to eat some great Mexican food. Sedona this time of year isn’t as warm as when we usually go in the spring, but it’s dry and sunny [most of the time] plus it’s just different riding. One problem with riding so much at home is you get burnt out on the same BC forest tech-y-ness after a few months on the Island. A desert getaway let’s us change things up and refresh our mountain bike palate. So we can come back home and appreciate it all over again.

We had planned a few days in Moab on the way down, but a big dump of snow and freezing temperatures scuttled those plans. I guess Captain Ahab and the Magnificent 7 will just have to wait! 😉

Shredding it up in Sedona...

Shredding it up in Sedona…

If you are in the Sedona area over the holidays feel free to drop us a line. We’ll be out riding everyday!


One thought on “Ready for Sedona!

  1. Whatever you do. Don’t eat in El Rincon in Tlaquepaque! Have fun!

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