Sedona: Slim Shady – Llama Loop

Sharon getting warmed up...

Sharon getting warmed up…

We landed in Sedona and got the bikes unwrapped. Then headed to the Bike and Bean for a coffee and a short loop to get the legs and lungs back on the program after 4 days in the car.

Well signed system trails...

Well signed system trails…

Coming from sea level  Sedona’s 4500 foot elevation is a shock to the body and mind. So I always embark on an easy ride to get acclimated the first day.

Templeton underpass at Hwy 179...

Templeton underpass at Hwy 179…

We parked at the Bike and Bean then rode:

  • Slim Shady Trail [North]
  • Coconino Trail [North]
  • Hermit Trail [North]
  • Tempelton Trail [East under Hwy 179]
  • Little Horse [East]
  • Llama Trail [South]
  • Bellrock Pathway [North]
  • Templeton Trail [West under Hwy 179]
  • Hermit Trail [South]
  • Coconino Trail [South]
  • Kaibab Trail [West]
  • Slim Shady Trail [South back to Bike and Bean]

I left my GPS back in hotel room so no track to share, but these trails are well marked system trails that can be followed without a map.

T-shirt and shorts riding weather...

T-shirt and shorts riding weather…

The weather was a pleasant 16 deg C and sunny. The trails had seen some rain/snow recently so the low spots were wet. Nothing major and the other 85% of the trails were just damp enough to have hero level traction. It’s the first time in a long time I came back from a Sedona bike ride and wasn’t covered in red dust! 😉



The long range forecast looks like there will be 2-3 days with some precipitation over the next 2.5 weeks. Hopefully just enough to keep the dust down without excessive mud.



December isn’t the best time to ride Sedona despite conditions still being pretty darn good. That means very few mountain bike tourists in town, empty hotels and generally less happening. I like chilling out so this is all music to my ears.

Sharon cruising Llama Trail...

Sharon cruising Llama Trail…

All in all we had a fun ride, great coffee and got to see some old friends. Nice start to the holidays for sure.

Cranking up Slim Shady...

Cranking up Slim Shady…

Tomorrow we’ll head out to West Sedona for a longer ride in the Boynton Canyon area.


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