Terra Nova – Recon Ride

Michael on his new Heckler...

Michael on his new Heckler…

Way back in October Michael, Sean and I got out to Terra Nova Trail to break in Michael’s new Heckler and to explore the trail out to the west towards Shields Lake [heading west from #6 at the top left of the map below].

Click map for larger interactive map and GPS track...

Click map for larger interactive map and GPS track…

Every time I ride the Terra Nova Trail I seem to forget how much hike-a-bike there is. It’s a lovely part of the island to explore and you do get to ride a lot, but you also do have to get off your bike and carry it a lot as well. With a bit of trail work it could be a top notch ride. I’m not sure what the land ownership and maintenance arrangement is. I’ll have to remember to ask at the next SIMBS AGM in Jan 2014.

"I thought this was a XC ride??"

“I thought this was a XC ride??”

Despite the bike carrying after riding our usual trails on the South Island a lot it’s nice to get away from them and enjoy and different set of challenges.

Staying dry...

Staying dry…

Since the crew on this ride was made up of energetic Dirt Hombres when we got to our normal turn around point on the trail we decided to explore the section of trail that [supposedly] connected to Shields Lake to the west.

Anyone seen Shields Lake...

Anyone seen Shields Lake?…

What we found out is there is probably a trail to Shields Lake or maybe a better way to put it is there definitely was a trail to Shields Lake. It’s seen a lot of damage and it is not at all bike friendly. We kept going for 40 mins or so, but we quickly reached a point where we were riding less than 50% of the distance covered. I’m a bike rider not a hiker and I have no particular interest in getting to Shields Lake this way just to do it.

Some riding - yeah! ;)

Some riding – yeah! 😉

Happily heading back towards the main Terra Nova Trail was downhill so we got to ride a fair bit more of the trail which was nice.



All in all it was a fun day out on the bike. I’m glad we tried to get to Shields Lake. I’m also glad we turned around when we did. I won’t be wondering what’s down that trail anymore.

The new Heckler owner admires the older Heckler...

The new Heckler owner admires the older Heckler…

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