2013 To Do List – Report Card

Another great year in the books...

Another great year in the books…

I posted this list last New Year’s and so I figured it was about time to see how I did. The Blue items are ones I successfully realized and the Red items are ones I did not.

My 2013 To Do List:

  1. Ride Sedona AZ [Did it twice for 4.5 weeks total!]
  2. SUP and kitesurf in the waves on the Pacific coast of Baja
  3. Ride Cumberland BC
  4. Attend 2 Moontribe full moon gatherings
  5. Ride Squamish BC
  6. Bikepack from Nanimo back to Victoria on dirt
  7. Finish my Santa Cruz Nomad upgrades
  8. Ride Harbourview @ Sooke BC
  9. Get Sharon out for her first overnight bike tour
  10. Get a new consulting contract or job for 2013
  11. Clean out my office
  12. Get a solar power camping setup
  13. Try 4 new restaurants in Victoria
  14. Drink fresh beer from Phillips brewery more and bottled beer less
  15. Catch a salmon by rod and reel
  16. Fillet a salmon I caught for Sharon & Midnight
  17. and cook the salmon I caught on my new BBQ [birthday present from Sharon!] ;)
  18. Ruthlessly get rid of all the clothes my I can’t fit into anymore and that I will never fit into again unless I go on a hunger strike to protest against BC’s mandatory helmet law
  19. Figure out a way to hang my hammock in the backyard…bonus points if I figure out a way to hang my hammock inside the house!
  20. Find some new peeps to ride with that are not so fast they make me puke!
  21. Sell 1 kiteboard and 1 bike
  22. Buy 1 new kiteboard and 1 new bike
  23. Learn to manual my MTB confidently
  24. Reorganize the cat sunroom [aka catio] to be more lovely for the cat [there is more work to be done still]
  25. Get out for 1 day of trail maintenance at Hartland MTB Park

Not too shabby. I really only missed 6 items as 3 of the items above were all salmon fishing related so I am counting them as a single fail. 😉 Which gives me a ~74% success rate.

I almost got to Squamish on two occassions so I really did try to make that happen! Work and the weather just weren’t cooperating.

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

On the plus side one of my main intentions in 2013 was to get out mountain biking a bunch of new places and I did that:

  • Chilcotins
  • new parts of the Flathead Valley
  • Maple Mountain
  • Mount Tzouhalem
  • Cumberland
  • Harbourview
  • Ellison Park
  • Kalamalka Park
  • Silver Star Bike Park
  • bikepacking route from Cumberland to Victoria
  • new trails in West Sedona
  • new trails at Hartland
  • new trails at Partridge Hills

Now to think about what my goals for 2014 are????


2 thoughts on “2013 To Do List – Report Card

  1. I love that first photo!

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