29+ Bikes and Gear…

Surly Krampus T-shirt art...

Surly Krampus T-shirt art…

I get asked about Krampus related frames and gear a bunch. With a memory like a sieve it’s much easier for me if I can keep track of such things in writing so here is my brain dump. If you know of any 29+ stuff I have missed leave me a comment with the info and I will keep this post up to date.

29+ Tires

  • Surly Knard 29 x 3 [available now]
  • Surly Dirt Wizard 29 x 2.75 [fall 2014]
  • Vee Rubber Vee8 29 x 3 [available ???]
  • Maxxis Chronichle 29 x 3 [available ???]

29+ Rims

  • Surly Rabbit Hole 29 x 50mm [available now]
  • Velocity Dually 29 x 45mm [available now]
  • Velocity Blunt 35 29 x 35mm [available now]
  • Light Bicycle 29 x 35mm carbon rims [available now]
  • Derby Carbon 29 x 35mm [available now]
  • Schlick North Paw 29 x 47mm [available now]
  • Kris Holm 29 x 47mm [available now]
  • Stan’s 29 x 52mm [ETA summer 2014]

29+ Bikes

  • Surly Krampus
  • Surly ECR
  • Some fatbikes
  • — Pugsley
  • — Ti Mukluk [pre-2013]
  • Carver Gnarvester
  • Muru Mungo
  • RSD Bikes
  • Lenz Sport Fat-Moth
  • Travers Bikes Rudy Fat
  • 38 Frameworks Mastodon
  • AM Pierce
  • REEB Donkadonk

All the custom frame builders can do a 29+ if they are interested in the format and design challenges.


14 thoughts on “29+ Bikes and Gear…

  1. Thanks for this Vic. I had not heard of Light Bicycle before. I am researching for the purchase of a 35mm 29er tubless wheel set,

  2. For sure. By the time I get them built up and my new MTB delivered will be Apr and then I have to ride them so you won’t get much feedback before the summer I am afraid to say.

    If you google “light bicycle carbon rim” you should be able to find some feedback. I can also point you to links if you like.

    • I haven’t paid a lot of attention to MTB wheel technology for a while. I have lots of learning to do… UST/Stans/Bead/Beadless/and many Axle options so I am in no rush, but thanks anyway.

  3. If you buy a quality hub [ie. Hope they are convertible] to all the axle types within their width range.

    For front hubs they should work on any MTB.

    For rear hubs:

    – 135mm & 142mm are the same hub with different end caps
    – 150mm is a different model hub

    What I think you need to pay attention to is how well the rim profile works with tubless tires. Having a hassle with your tubeless setup is no fun. Much better to buy a rim that works well tubeless and save the heartache.

  4. Vick, Nextie makes a 29×35 carbon rim and 2014 Salsa fat bikes fit 29+ Thanks for the list!

  5. Hello Vik,

    This week I want to order a Rohloff hub for my Krampus (bought it complete). Maybe you have some time to answer a few questions for me. Your blogs and your posts over at MTBR already gave me lots of info, thanks a lot! But I still have a few questions… At some MTBR thread you recommend buying the threaded axle version, and I also see that most of cyclemonkey’s builds using them. But you use the QR version, is it on purpose or just because you had that one lying around?
    Next, I would like to leave out any tuggnuts when using the threaded axle version, do you have any thoughts on that?
    And when I order the Rohloff hub I also need to choose a monkeybone, for 160mm or 180mm rotors, which one do you use, and why? And did you order the OEM2 axle plate separate?
    I’m not lacing up the wheel myself but are there any specific rohloff-RH-rim issues that I should warn my mechanic about?



    • @Bram:

      – I would get the threaded axle version of the Rohloff….that way you don’t need to use Tug Nuts
      – I already had a QR Rohloff so that’s what I used as there is no cost effective way to convert the axle type
      – I would buy a Monkey Bone and you will need the OEM 2 Axle plate which you will have to buy separately
      – I use the 160mm rotor….you don’t need big brakes at the rear of a rigid MTB….all that will do is skid the rear wheel
      – you will want to lace the rear wheel 2 cross…there is a whole section of the Rohloff manual on wheel building…just photo copy it and give it to your wheel builder
      – I use cheap $16 SRAM 8 spd chains….no point in paying a lot of $$$ for an IGH chain

      Enjoy the new IGH.

  6. good reason 🙂 my bb7 caliper does not stick out that far so I can just choose the symmetrical build I guess.

    Another small question…Can I first wear out the 34t chainring my krampus came with, or is it better for the rest of the system to immediately put for instance an on-one-stainless chainring on there together with the new 8-speed chain and the rohloff sprocket?

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