Keen Targhee II Mid Boot Final Review

My Keen boots finally KIA...

My Keen boots finally KIA…

I reviewed these boots back in 2011 at the Lazy Rando Blog. The basic upshot of that review was that they fit well and kept my feet dry when it was wet, but they had a sole that was not as grippy as it should be for a hiking boot.

These boots finally died on me after 5-6yrs of regular use.

The sole has taken a beating...

The sole has taken a beating…

I had melted the sole in one spot at a campfire and in other areas it was starting to peel off, but what killed them was the lace retention straps wore through in a couple places and several more were about to go. I can repair the damaged sole with Sole Goo, but the lacing system failure is not repairable.

Given the use I got out of them I’m satisfied with how long they lasted. With a better design for the lacing system I could have probably used them another 4-5yrs so there is definitely some room for improvement here.

Lace pulled through retention strap...

Lace pulled through retention strap…

The most important thing for my challenging feet is comfort though and they met that test in spades.

Thanks for the good time boots! I’ll miss ya! 😉

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