A Thin White Line…

Doug turned me on to this movie about the 2001 Iditasport Race.


7 thoughts on “A Thin White Line…

  1. I have watched this movie a bunch of times. I had put in my entry for the 2002 race, but this really solidified my resolve and made me pursue the ITI race when it became apparent the Iditasport was dissolving. I can honestly say that it is an accurate portrayal of racing in Alaska.
    It also got me to do a bunch of training pushing a loaded bike around town.

  2. I’m amazed that a lot of the riders aren’t even on fatbikes.

    • Oh, it’s from 2001…

      • There were some bikes with chubby tires, but definitely nothing fully fat!

      • Even in 2001, there were a couple of actual fatbikes, I think both were remolinos. The only tires were remolino and the rims were remolino 88mm rims. Ray Molino (are you seeing a pattern?) built the rims and tires to ride in the desert in Mexico. He toured the trail in 2002 – carrying a large hunk of ham or bacon and a full sized VHS camera.

      • It’s pretty cool seeing all those 2.5 +/- tires featured in the film and then seeing a couple glances of what must be Remolinos rolling by.

        Thanks for sharing this film – I got around to watching it this weekend and wow, what a trip it was!

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