Kona Wah Wah Pedals 9yr Review

When they were new...

When they were new…

I got these Kona Wah Wah pedals back in 2005. They saw several years of road use which was not super gnarly, but was frequently wet. Then they moved over to my Santa Cruz Nomad mountain bike where getting bashed and trashed was just part of a normal ride. Not to mention on Vancouver Island it does get wet in the winter.

The Good

  • reasonable price [~$90] – not cheap, but not crazy
  • looks nice
  • thin profile [~17mm]
  • robust
  • rebuildable
  • grippy with my 5.10 Impact Low shoes

The Bad

  • the powdercoat is coming off all over the place now that they are seeing trail use
  • the bearings just gave up
  • not particularly light [490g/pair]
Having fun, but taking a beating...

Having fun, but taking a beating…

Lots of pedals can be rebuilt if you can find the parts. That’s a huge PITA unless the manufacturer provides rebuild kits. Big props to Kona for making rebuild kits readily available and relatively cheap at ~$20/each. I ordered two kits [Thanks Russ Hayes for hooking me up with a special order without any hassles] so I expect I’ll be using these pedals for many years to come.

Most definitely VikApproved! 🙂

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