Exofficio Flannel Shirts

That's not me - it's another good looking brown guy...

That’s not me – it’s another good looking brown guy…

I’m working on a new contract that requires less working at home and more working in a client’s office and factory. So I have been stocking up on decent looking collared shirts when sales cross my path. The Victoria Area can be quite chilly in the winter with our damp coastal climate combined with my propensity for riding a motorcycle to work year round. So cozy clothes that I can wear to work really catch my attention.

I saw these flannel shirts from Exofficio for sale at GoGear.ca and ordered a couple. They’ve turned out to be my favourite work shirts and they get worn first every week. I wish I had bought more and I’m going to keep my eyes open for more deals on these bad boys.

The materials and construction quality is top notch plus they fit my broad shoulder+ skinny waist+long armed body shape well. So far they are holding up to regular wear and washing with no issues. They are rugged enough that when I head over to the factory side of my client’s operation I worry too much about thrashing them.

If you are in Canada GoGear.ca is worth checking out for deals as long as you can handle their business model which cycles through sales of essentially random items every few days. I can never tell when a good deal will pop up, but I have bought quite a few items from them[Troy Lee, Prana, Merrel, etc…] and not been disappointed. They are ideal for stuff like stocking up on work clothes where you want a couple more shirts, but it doesn’t have to be today and waiting for a deal is fine.

If you are in the US skip them. You have access to better deals than we do on your side of the border. I saw these same shirts on sale at REI for example.

Anyways thanks Exofficio for making a nice shirt. They are VikApproved. πŸ™‚

One thought on “Exofficio Flannel Shirts

  1. As someone that works for in customer service for a large outdoor clothing and gear co-op, I can say that these shirts are very nice and well liked by almost everyone who buys them. I’ve never seen any come back for imperfections or early wear.

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