Hartland Night Ride – 20 Feb 2014

It was moist!

It was moist!

We got out to Hartland last Wed for a night ride. Hartland is conveniently on my way home from my client’s offices so I can score an after work ride pretty easily. 6 Hombres showed up for the ride with one early mechanical reducing the crew to 5 riders.  A light rain started to fall halfway into the ride, but by that point I was sweaty and warm so it didn’t bother me. These last few night rides have been our normal Vancouver Island sloppy slippery winter riding conditions that we’ve avoided for the most part this year. That means having to re-learn my winter riding skills at night while following some fairly fast guys!

Sadly I found out after the ride that a local rider died on a night ride at the same time we were out. 😦 My condolences to his family. That was a good reminder to keep the tires rolling…we never know when this ride is over.

Click for larger map and GPS track...

Click for larger map and GPS track…


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