Canadian Shield Review

Nice big mudflap...

Nice big mudflap…

The Canadian Shield is a large tough plastic mud guard for mountain bikes with suspension forks. Made in Canada by Renegade Cycle Solutions and sold online for $10CDN. I’ve pretty much ignored the winter mountain bike fender situation because nothing I came across hit my needs of being tough, simple and offer sufficient coverage to bother with.

The Canadian Shield is pretty giant and really does protect your fork seals and your face from a lot of gunk and spray.

The back end...

The back end…

It installs in one minute with 4 zipties.

Pro Tip: slide the zipties into the flap before you put the flap on the bike. Much easier this way! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of clearance for big tires...

Lots of clearance for big tires…

There is clearance for my giant 2.4″ Continental Trail Kings inside my Fox Float 36 plus the Canadian Shield.

Simple - yet effective...

Simple – yet effective…

Not much more to say. It works. It’s cheap and easy to install.

Packs flat for easy shipping & storage...

Packs flat for easy shipping & storage…

To demonstrate how effective this mudflap was I subjected my bike to snowy/muddy ride-fest.

The rear of my bike = gnarly!

The rear of my bike = gnarly!

It was wet and dirty all ride long.

Fork seals are mint!

Fork seals are mint!

My fork seals stayed nice and clean plus I didn’t get sprayed in the face. ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Canadian Shield Review

  1. Interesting. I want one for my fat bike – riding on wet pavement at speed causes a lot of spray on my face.

  2. I am also running the Canadian Shield and am loving it. Before Brian sent me the CS I was running a mucky nutz fender, the CS gives way more protection because of it’s larger size. I big check in the win column for sure.

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