Krampus pedal bling…

Spank Spike pedals...

Spank Spike pedals…

For a bike geek I have some embarrassingly budget parts on a few of my bikes. And not in that good look-at-this-low-cost-but-amazingly-functional sort of way. Just cheap and nasty! So when these Spank Spike pedals weren’t compatible with the bike they were intended for I put them on my Krampus and upgraded the craptacular pedals on my Big Dummy with the decent NRG Slabalanche pedals that were on the Krampus. The gnarly cheap ass pedals on the Dummy almost got put back in the spares box despite their crunchiness, but sanity prevailed and I binned them.

Call it trickle-down-bike-o-nomics! 😉

Matchy Matchy!

Matchy Matchy!

The Krampus doesn’t need bling pedals, but besides looking flash these pedals work well and are easy to rebuild. What’s not to like?

3 thoughts on “Krampus pedal bling…

  1. Be sure to let us know how the spank pedals are holding up in a few months. They look like they might shed snow in a very positive way. So far, I am digging the way the 45 north pedals shed snow and keep my feet engaged, but if there is something better, maybe I need it.

  2. Sharon has been running them nearly a year now. We need to rebuild one of them and will just rebuild both. Easy to rebuild and she seems to destroy pedals for reasons I don’t fully understand. She says she has given up the hose at the bike wash station, but I sometimes think she is not being honest about that. 😉

  3. Your Krampus just keeps getting nicer!

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