Soggy Dirt Hombres Ride

Rain?...How bad could it be? ;)

Rain?…How bad could it be? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Aaron was in Victoria working out some details for his triumphant return to The Rock. So we wanted to get out on the trails to celebrate. Mother Nature was not cooperating and it was raining pretty steadily when we rolled up to the Hartland parking lot. But with 5 eager Dirt Hombres ready to roll we couldn’t let a little moisture stand in the way of our shred. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click map for larger version and GPS track...

Click map for larger version and GPS track…

We followed a pretty standard 10K route around the park. Getting warmed up heading south on some rolling terrain and then gradually climbing northwards towards the top of the mountain. Eventually we swung south on Dave’s Line, South Ridge and Fun Trails to get back down and back to the cars.

Very dirty!

Very dirty!

This is why I am not a huge fan of riding in the rain. The amount of wear and tear your bike gets subjected to is 10-20x normal and in Victoria you can usually ride in less moist conditions just by going a day earlier or a day later so there is no major hit on your overall biking schedule. But in this case Aaron could only ride Saturday so we hit it and got our bikes uber dirty.

Time to replace the cable & housing...

Time to replace the cable & housing…

The wetness of the last couple weeks has taken a toll on my Kind Shock dropper seatpost. It stopped working mid-ride on Saturday’s mud-fest – although I was able to set it manually at a height and it would stay in place. Not great, but I was able to finish the ride like that.

Note wear marks...

Note wear marks…

When I got home I took the saddle off [interesting wear marks on the underside. I never feel any metal parts attacking my butt so it must be just longterm light contact with the mounting bolts in the post. After a thorough cleaning of the post it was clear that the cable/housing was full of water and grit. I had recently bought a whole spool of housing and I had a spare cable so I binned the old parts and installed a fresh set.

Cleaned and ready to rock...

Cleaned and ready to rock…

As soon as I did that the post was back to 100% operation. Given this post has seen several year round seasons of mountain biking without ever being opened up for maintenance that’s pretty great. I did think about tearing it down to clean and lube it, but then we decided to ride Sunday and I figured better to ride than wrench.

Maybe next time!

Shiny white housing...

Shiny white housing…

Since I was working on the Nomad I took a rag and some soapy water to it so I wouldn’t get filthy. I almost didn’t recognize the beast she looked so nice.

Far too clean!

Far too clean!


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