Bahco Folding Saw Review

Bacho saw in action...

Bacho saw in action…

We’ve had a huge amount of blowdown due to a big wind/snow storm so mountain biking has involved a lot of tree cutting and clearing. I’m told by long-timers that this is the worst storm damage they have seen in over 20yrs. We have cleared most of Hartland, but lots more work remains in other less frequently ridden areas close to Victoria.

At $18 each I can afford two...

At $18 each I can afford two…

I needed a small packable saw to let me chop up bigger branches and whole trees so I could move them off the trail. This Bahco saw I bought at MEC for $18 came highly recommended. Since replacement blades were $15 I just bought 2 so I had a spare and one to share.

So far I am very impressed. We’ve cut trees that were bigger in size than the length of this blade with a multi-sided attack plan. The saw cuts efficiently and packs up nice and small for carrying in a pack. It’s stiff enough it doesn’t seem like it would be easy to break when not paying close attention to your sawing action. The blade is staying sharp through a fair bit of use and hasn’t gone all rusty despite much wetness. The only downside is as it got dirty and wet it became harder to open, but a squirt of bike lube down into the hinge has sorted that out. At 187g it’s light enough for me to ignore in my pack.

All in all a nice product. 🙂


One thought on “Bahco Folding Saw Review

  1. I use the Stihl one. It is great. Wish I could compare them.

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