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Brent @

Brent @

Finding a great bike mechanic is not easy. Especially when it comes to a complex full suspension mountain bike. I was not happy when I heard my go-to-guy [Brent Hooper] was leaving the LBS where I had been taking my Nomad for last 4yrs. I got a lot happier when I found out he was still available to me through his new venture – Victoria. Instead of driving to a LBS and doing my best to make sure Brent was the mechanic who ended up working on my bike he is now the only technician in a mobile van workshop. So I know he’ll be doing all the wrenching on my bike and he can come to me when I am busy!

Nice… 🙂

I had Brent build me up a set of wheels for my new mountain bike:

  • carbon Light Bicycle 35mm rims
  • Hope Hubs
  • Sapim Race spokes

They turned out great and will be much lighter and much stiffer than what I currently run.

Brent is helping me with the build of my new bike since I don’t have all the tools needed to deal with the headset, BB, etc…

Brent is also a great source for bike parts and can offer competitive prices for anything you need.

Carbon Light Bicycle rims + Hope hubs and Sapim Race spokes = bling!! ;)

Carbon Light Bicycle rims + Hope hubs and Sapim Race spokes = bling!! 😉

So if you want hassle free expert bike service that can come to you when you are busy contact Brent via the website.

The costs seem to be the same or lower than I would pay at a LBS and I don’t have to drive across town twice for a service – so I don’t plan on taking my mountain bikes anywhere else.

It doesn’t hurt that Brent is a super nice guy who loves bikes! 🙂

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