The runners up…

Knolly Warden 650B...

Knolly Warden 650B…

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will recall I started rumbling about getting a new full suspension mountain bike almost 2 years ago. Financial uncertainty in my professional realm put the kibosh on that for a while, but I got a new contract in a new promising field so I decided it was time to pull the trigger on that fresh trail rig.

Before I post up info on the new bike I wanted to give some props to the two machines I was very close to owning. In fact I tried to or did order both of these bikes and then in each case a snafu came up. Although to be honest no matter which bike I ended up with they are all so impressive that there was no wrong answer.

In no particular order I give you:

Knolly Warden:

  • 150mm travel
  • medium and low BB height option
  • 650B which seems like a good option for better roll through while staying agile
  • AL frame for stress free crashing into rocks
  • modular external cable routing – clean and flexible
  • two position shock for versatile geometry
  • CCDB Air shock option = awesome performance
  • short chainstays and long TT = agile and stable
  • Knolly 4×4 suspension = active with great traction
  • BC company with great customer service

I literally had a Warden on order I was that sold on this bike and had I bought one I am sure my smile would be equally huge. This looks like a great all mountain option for a one-bike-to-rule-them-all rig. 🙂

Photo: MIke Curiak

Photo: Mike Curiak

Lenz Lunch Box

  • 140 or 150mm travel w/ two sets of rockers
  • low BB
  • 29er wheels for crushing chunk into submission
  • AL frame for stress free crashing into rocks
  • clean external cable routing
  • handmade in Colorado
  • several great shock options
  • very short chain stays and shortish TT = agile despite big wheels
  • proven active suspension design

Seeing all the great photo of Mike Curiak and gang shredding their Lenz’s was pretty inspiring. Plus being able to buy a FS all mtn bike handmade in the US is pretty amazing. Mike was kind enough to offer to meet us in Moab on our way to Sedona last Dec so we could test ride his amazing Lunch Box. Sadly Moab received 2′ of snow just before we were to roll through town which scuttled any test ride plans. I tried to order a Lenz for delivery while I was in Sedona figuring the reduced shipping costs and taxes would be worth it. Denied again I was told the next opportunity for a new Lenz was March/April 2014. Then on a separate occasion Sharon nearly placed an order for a Lenz.

The bike I ended up buying is a 650B 6″ travel all mountain machine so it’s unlikely I’ll get a chance to enjoy a Warden, but I have pondered the idea of getting a Lenz in a year or so and swapping the parts from my Nomad to it. Having a 650B bike and a 29er wouldn’t be totally crazy talk. 😉



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  1. I, for one, am on pins and needles.

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