The Winner = Pivot Mach 6…

Pivot Mach 6...

Pivot Mach 6…

After much deliberation the bike I ended up buying was the Pivot Mach 6.

  • 155mm DW-Link travel w/ Fox Float X
  • 160mm Rock Shox Pike fork
  • SRAM XX1 drivetrain w/ Race Face Next SL cranks
  • Light Bicycle carbon 35mm wide rims w/ Hope hubs
  • Continental Trail King 650B x 2.2″ tires
  • XTR 203/180mm brakes
  • Rock Shox Reverb seat post

At 27.8lbs this is by far the lightest most capable mountain bike I have ever owned. My Santa Cruz Nomad is 35lbs.

Side view...

Side view…

So why this bike?

  • DW-link suspension is something I’ve been keen to try
  • efficient techy climbing is important to me
  • short chain stays = agile
  • short TT = mo’ better agile for tight forest trail riding
  • slack seat tube and head tube = stability and give me the room I need between seat and pedals for efficient seated cranking
  • light and stiff thanks to the carbon frame
  • we could actually see, touch and ride this bike
  • one amazing review after another…it was literally hard to find anyone professional or amateur reviewer who wasn’t stoked about this bike
  • Sharon wanted one and having two of the same bikes is a lot simpler for setup, maintenance and stocking spare parts

More than anything the last point sealed the deal on this purchase. Spending a big chunk of change on a bike you have never seen is hard. With the Lenz and Knolly bikes I was looking at I would have had to simply pull the trigger and hope the fit and performance was what I expected. With the Mach 6 we were able to find some in stock at a LBS in Sedona.

Yes it's VikApproved... ;)

Yes it’s VikApproved… 😉

The bad

  • this is one of the most expensive frames of its class available
  • it’s carbon and we’ve never owned carbon bikes so that’s a bit of an unknown for us
  • the internal cable routing is a joke and not a funny one! 😦
  • only available with a Fox Float X [I would have preferred a RS or Cane Creek shock – anything, but CTD!]
  • none of the colours rocked my world….this blue was the best option given we ride in dark forests 95% of the time
Sharon's new Mach 6...

Sharon’s new Mach 6…

Not interesting in futzing around Sharon got a standard XO1 build kit from Pivot with a Fox Float 34 up front and Float X in the rear. Dropping 7-8lbs off her current bike will be a huge benefit to Sharon who only weighs ~120lbs.

16 thoughts on “The Winner = Pivot Mach 6…

  1. I’d be interested to hear your feedback/thoughts on those Light Bicycle rims you have.

    • The LB rims are a bit lighter than say equally wide Velocity P35/Blunt 35 rims. They look great. They are stiff/precise when you ride. They are the easiest rims I’ve owned for setting up tubeless. Too early to say much on durability, but I have heard good things. The customer service/warranty support also seems excellent – hopefully I won’t need to access it!

      My cost delivered to my door was $200/each which is about twice what I would pay for a comparable AL rim.

      • Thanks. They may be twice the price of aluminum rims but they are a fraction of the cost of most other carbon rims. How long did it take from order to delivery?

  2. 4 weeks. Showed up at my door from China with no customs hassles/costs.

  3. As another datapoint I got the same rims in the 29er size. They took 6 weeks to arrive (longer due to Chinese new year). My cost was 484 Cdn for the set. Light Bicycle was very quick to respond to emails. They look really nice, the fellow who built the wheels was impressed with them. My 1st tubeless experience and it was very easy however I have nothing to compare it to. Winter just returned so I have not had a chance to try them yet.

  4. How are you liking the rims/wheels after a few rides?

    • @Kobe – very easy to spin up to speed and very precise. So far so good. 🙂

      Now it comes down to durability which will take a 1 year or 3 to play out.

  5. Hi there,

    I noticed you have the size L Mach 6… may i ask what’s your height?

    I tested the medium size one and i felt it’s a little cramp (i’m 5’10 btw) sadly i did not have the chance to ride the large frame…
    I will definitely use a 50mm stem on it so i’m not sure…

    I love the frame but i’m really torn between medium and large…

    Hope to can help me on the sizing…

    Thanks in advice.


    • I’m 5’11” using a 65mm stem. I tried a 50mm stem and it was too short. If you tried a med and didn’t like the fit definitely go for the large.

      • Yep, i’m definitely leaning towards large now after reading your reply…

        Thanks for the advice, appreciate it.


  6. Now that the new Nomad is out, would you still pick the Mach 6? I am on the fence between a Nomad and Mach 6. But after test riding the Nomad, I feel the Nomad wasn’t very lively or nimble. Plus I had a few close encounters with the low bottom bracket on the Nomad.

    • @TJ – The new Nomad doesn’t interest me. It’s too long and the lower BB doesn’t appeal to me. I need more of a nimble all rounder that can still rock aggressive downhills and climb well.

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  8. Can I ask where you got the Pivot color decals for the Pike?

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