Carnage on Maple Mountain!

So nice at the much carnage down below!

So nice at the top…so much carnage down below!

Last weekend the Dirt Hombres crew met up at Maple Mountain for what we expected to be a challenging, but fairly normal ride for us. As it turned out this time the trails shredded us not the other way around.


Click map for larger version and GPS track…

While I’ve been waiting to find time to write this post I’ve been ponder why things were so challenging for us? Conditions were a bit wet/muddy, but that’s not unusual for Vancouver Island in the winter and we ride year round. In fact at the end of winter we should be at our peak sloppy riding skill level. Some folks had some equipment issues. I was on my new bike with under gunned tires and it was machine I was not used to riding. Another Hombre had some worn tires which made riding treacherous.

The long painful 5km climb to the top...

The long painful 5km climb to the top…

The thing was by the end of the ride just about everyone had had a serious crash. Typically we would have zero bad crashes on a ride like this and maybe 1 major crash on an especially tough ride.

Huston can you hear me?...we have a problem! ;)

Huston can you hear me?…we have a problem! 😉

Talking to everyone the day after the ride there was general puzzlement at why it went so far to gnarly side.

Starting down the mountain...

Starting down the mountain…

Luckily none of the damage was permanent. 🙂

Waiting for the injured to catch up...

Waiting for the injured to catch up…

Black eyes are healing. Testicles are not as swollen as they were. Scabs are peeling off. The bruising of bodies and egos is fading away. Some bike parts were killed in action or replaced due to poor performance.

The crew...

The crew…

And our crew of Hombres and Hombresses is tough…we are packing our gear as I write this. Getting ready to shred again. Ready to face the challenges of the mountains and forests. Sometimes you don’t get answers in life and you just have to get back in the saddle.

As most mountain bikers know all too well – sometimes the trail giveth and sometimes the trails taketh away!

First ride on the Mach 6 in the bag!

First ride on the Mach 6 in the bag!

Wish us better luck this weekend! 🙂

Not clean any more...

Not clean any more…

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