Appreciating the Nomads…

My trusty Nomad...

My trusty Nomad…

Although we are enjoying our new state of the art wonder bikes I can’t help, but appreciate how well our Santa Cruz Nomad’s compare despite being 2008 designs that were only updated this very month. That’s 6yrs for a product cycle which seems almost unbelievable in today’s non-stop “new and improved” world.

The main downside with the Nomads is their weight which is largely due to the workman level parts they are built with and the big tires we love rolling on.

Surprisingly that weight is also a plus when it comes to stability and sure-footedness. It’s harder to knock a heavy bike off its line once it starts rolling.

Even our cat loves a Nomad...

Even our cat loves a Nomad…

At one point I was pretty sure we’d sell the Nomads, but now I’m thinking they are pretty special and should be kept – maybe even pimped a bit.

Santa Cruz’s VPP suspension seems to resist our wet winter weather really well so I can see us switching back to the Nomads in September and taking the opportunity to overhaul the new bikes. Then swap back in the spring and overhaul the Nomads.

In the summer speed, agility and efficiency for long rides is important.

In the winter stability, traction and low maintenance win the day.


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