650B Disc Road Bike?


Something like this, but less bling! ;)

Something like this, but less bling! 😉

I figured the collective bike geek IQ of the internet could help me. I’m keen on a new commuter bike that is not sluggish like the Long Haul Trucker I am currently riding. I would also like to standardize parts across the fleet to simplify things. If you know of any bikes/frames that meet my needs please post a comment. Thanks! 🙂

Must Haves

  • designed for 650B wheels [no hacks]
  • clearance for 42mm Grand Boise Hetres + fenders
  • fender mounts
  • lightweight/flexible frame [no tanks!]
  • production bike level cost [no bling custom frames]
  • disc brakes front and back


Nice to Have

  • low trail geo
  • 135mm rear hub spacing
  • downtube shifter mounts
  • fender mounts that play nice with clean fender lines
  • 1 1/8″ steerer
  • flexible dropouts for geared/SS/IGH

14 thoughts on “650B Disc Road Bike?

  1. See Honey Bikes All Roads.

    • Thanks for the link. No discs on the Stag – unless I missed them.

      If I end up having to skip the discs I’ll get a production Boulder Bicycle as I had good luck with them before.

  2. it’s not disc, but I have really enjoyed my Velo Orange PolyValent frame and fork..i’m running it single speed, but have run it geared as well…for the money, I think it’s a winner!

    • @Thomas – the Poly is a heavier/stiff frame like my Nomad and without discs there would be no point switching. I know a couple people that have Polys and they are a fine bike. Just not what I am after.

  3. Specialized EWOL looks good, but probably beefier than you’re looking for.

  4. Hey Vik, unfortunately this doesn’t meet your ‘production level bike cost’ point (Frame = ~ $1700 USD), but it seems to check most of the other boxes:

    Elephant Bikes ‘National Forest Explorer’

    • Nice bikes those Elephants. I’m trying to stay from anything touring related just because that translates as overly stiff tubing, but I suppose at that cost you’d be able to start specifying what tubing to use. Good to know they exist even if the budget can’t stretch that far.

  5. +1 honey all roads or seven designed for 650b and discs. Unfortunately there are not enough stock 650b road/commute frames out there. The rawlands look nice, but not disc. I’d be thinking about Naked on Quadra Island if I had the $.
    Funny that you are calling your lht ‘sluggish’ as you always have big love for the surly lht. Sluggish was my experience with the lht! I just got an old columbus sl road bike and wow, could never ride a heavy stiff sluggish bike again.
    Unfortunately, or fortunately conversions may be your best option. If disc brakes were not a deal breaker, you could get a nice lightweight road or ‘sports touring’ bike with enough clearance for hetres, you can use p-clamps for fenders and racks if the frame does not have eyelets and throw some long reach tektros on.

    • @heather – I love the LHT when used for what it is designed which is loaded touring. Unloaded fast riding is not really a fair reason to be unhappy with a LHT. Sort of like being mad at a pick up truck for not driving like a sports car.

      If I skip the discs I’ll probably get a production Boulder Bicycle All Roads. I have had one of their frames [semi-custom] before which was built a bit too lightweight for me so I’d be able to get a better frame this time around armed with the experience.

  6. Elephant have started doing small production runs, which brings down the cost somewhat. If you haven’t bought a new bike yet, give them another look!

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