Pivot Direct Mount Covers

3D printed covers...

3D printed covers…

My new Pivot Mach 6 frame has a direct mount derailleur option. The mounting area is unpainted and looks gnarly if you don’t run a front derailleur. I was more than a little disappointed Pivot doesn’t bother including a cover with the frame given that it’s one of the most expensive frames of its class in the market at ~$3300.00. To add insult to injury they want to then change you $35 for the cover as an accessory. 😦



Given how popular 1x setups are it’s silly to assume that a bling frame will see many derailleurs. It’s also a huge hassle to get a frame and then have to order some extra parts to finish it off. #pivotcyclesfail

This part should come bundled with each frame and if the price has to go up to $3335 so be it.

View of the backside...

View of the backside…

I don’t care about spending $35 on the part as much as I do supporting the dumb way Pivot handled the situation and continues to handle it. So I took matters into my own hands and with the help of some colleagues at work had a bunch of covers 3D printed. They turned out pretty nice and once painted will look like a factory part. I haven’t gotten around to painting mine, but hope to soon. A heavy application of primer and paint will fill the 3D printing marks and give a smooth finish.


Cover on my Mach 6…

Other Pivot owners were unhappy as well so I fired them off some covers in the mail. So far most have gone to the US, but I have sent covers to Belgium, Slovenia and Australia. Another Pivot owner was kind enough to buy some bulk bolts and send them to me so I can include the mounting hardware in any future shipments.

And we are doing this all for free. Because that’s how this situation should have been resolved by Pivot and as Ghandi said “Be the change you seek.”

Bulk covers...

Bulk covers…

37 thoughts on “Pivot Direct Mount Covers

  1. Way to go! That’s the way to stick it to the man and help out your fellow Pivot owners. Totall agree. Should’ve been included.

  2. Way to go, Vik! I hope they find out about this at Pivot and are embarassed.

    • @Sandy – I don’t want them to be embarrassed. I just want them to see that the covers should just come with a frame. I’m sure they are not trying to be uncool about this, but I think someone at Pivot hasn’t thought the process through.

  3. Hey Vik

    I’m lookin for 3D blueprint for a DM cover, in order to make mine in France directly into a FabLab. (but I would like to add a LOGO….)

    Could you be of any help PLS?

    contact@cyen-bicycles.com (French distributor for FOES or TURNER for ex…)

    best regards

    • @Edward….just send me your address and I’ll send one to you. No cost.

      I have emailed you so you can just reply to that email.

  4. I was looking for that cover for my Mach6 and that’s an accessory! Nicely built cover

  5. I’d like to get the files for the cover. I’m trying to make something that attaches to that mount so this is a good start. Thanks!

  6. Hey Vic,
    Can I purchase one of these from you?

    • @Chris – I am not selling them, but I have a spare. Send me your mailing address and I will get one off to you. No cost.

  7. Hey mate, any of these still for sale?

  8. Still available I mean…

  9. I realize this was ages ago… but do you still have any of these kicking around? Would gladly pay postage (Germany).

  10. Any chance you could share the file with me? might as well make use of the 3d printer ive got access to.

  11. Hi Vik! You are a good man. May I ask for the file? I have access to a 3D printer. I’ve included my email address in the post details (should be visible to you only). Thanks!

  12. HI Vik, fantastic cover plate! It is possible to have your file? I also have a 3d printer! Thanks a lot from Italy!

    Ps, the e-mail is in the post.

  13. Hi Vik, top work. Can you send the file to me so that I can print it? Thanks

  14. Hi Vik, that’s awesome!
    Would you be so kind to send files to me yegamanyuk@gmail.com?
    Many thanks from Russia in advance 😉

  15. Vik, I was just laying this out in solidworks but saw that you had one finished. Could you send me one or the files. Duncanish(at)g-m-a-i-l.c-o-m. thanks for making these. You rock. I thought about putting a bottle opener on one. Let me see If I can get hat done and send it to you.

  16. Hi Vik, great job. Is it easy for you to send me the file? Thanks in advance.

  17. Do you have any of these left? If not, is there a possibility of getting the file sent to me?

  18. Great job! I have the same problem with my bike. I took off the front derailleur and the frame isn’t painted. Can you help me and send me the files? Thank you. wakizashi69@hotmail.com

  19. Good Job! I installed a 1×11 system and I have the same problem now. Can you pass me the blueprint so I can print it myself? thank you! salvatore.yep12@gmail.com

  20. Hi Vik,
    Just wondering if your file was still available? If so would you mind emailing me a copy? I think my email is attached to my post somewhere?

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