Harbourview Mud-Fest!

It's just rain - we're not going to melt!

It’s just rain – we’re not going to melt!

The one problem with doing a lot of mountain biking is that we are getting a bit bored with the same local trail systems. They are great, but we need some variety. So we planned a road trip over to Sooke, BC to ride Harbourview. Steep techy nearly empty trails? Yes please.

Click for larger map and GPS track...

Click for larger map and GPS track…

We even lucked out and connected with some locals [Steve, Murray & Rob] who were kind enough to show us around so we didn’t have to spend any time looking at maps. Thanks guys!

No pain. No gain.

No pain. No gain.

Unfortunately the rain did not cooperate with our plans. As we were driving to Sooke the sky was pouring down on us so badly that if we weren’t meeting a bunch of Dirt Hombres at the trailhead we would have turned around. For the actual ride the rain was on and off, but the trails were soaked with lots of mud and many big puddles. Needless to say we were really really dirty by the end.

and more pain!

and more pain!

After some epic climbing and pushing we made it to the summit. No view today due to the clouds, but we were too tired to care. πŸ˜‰

The top...

The top…

What a blast coming down the mountain we had! Very challenging riding with trees, cliffs and rocks to avoid. The mud added a whole extra level of challenge. I’m glad we had guides as the trails are unmarked so you need to really know where you are going. The local guys were joking about the lack of flow, but I found the trails were pretty sweet in that techy coastal BC way. I know I didn’t feel that way last time I was here so maybe I’m getting more BC-ified? Who knows – who cares! As long as the riding is this great I’m just going to keep turning pedals and smiling. πŸ™‚

Helen wondering "where the hell is the top?"

Helen wondering “where the hell is the top?”

For some fairly marginal weather we still managed to get 10 Dirt Hombres out for a ride. Nice work team!

Jasper dirty and happy...

Jasper dirty and happy…

All photos credited to Tricia “Selfie” Hailey. The weather was too grim for me to subject my DSLR to the carnage! πŸ˜‰

One thought on “Harbourview Mud-Fest!

  1. The rocks for me are the real issue, just not trusting the bike enough to go over them yet. Really enjoying this blog.

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