DIY Frame Box…

Coroplast for the win! ;)

Coroplast for the win! 😉

My buddy John is coming with me to the Chilotins this summer. He cunningly designed and created a coroplast frame box to carry some heavy gear inside his frame triangle.

Coroplast can be bought a Home Depot or most craft stores and it is what they make election signs from so it can often be harvested for free. John used duct tape to connect the various pieces of the box and then used velcro to attach it to the bike.

I kept an eye on his setup during our shakedown tour in March and it looked 100% solid. =)

I lent him a spare set of Porcelain Rocket bar and seat bags to complete his setup since they are universal and easy borrowed.

John in action...

John in action…

Scott at Porcelain Rocket makes some sweet gear, but if you can’t afford to buy a whole set and/or you have multiple bikes to use them on a DIY frame box might be an option to get you rolling.

If you have a question for John about his frame box just leave a comment and I’ll make sure he sees it.

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