Next SL Crankset Review…

Next SL cranks on my Pivot Mach 6...

Next SL cranks on my Pivot Mach 6…

When specing out cranks for my Pivot Mach 6 I decided to go with Race Face’s new Next SL carbon cranks and a press fit RF bottom bracket. I had never had a carbon component on a mountain bike before so I figure buying a carbon frame meant I should go carbon in other areas where possible. As a bonus these state of the art cranks are made in Canada less than 100kms from where I live.

You can read a review over at NSMB that I agree with entirely. I’ll post my own review at the end of the summer mostly focused on durability issues. If the BB stays quiet and lasts a couple years of year round use I’ll be happy. If the crank arms can take some bashing into rocks as long as I keep the ends covered with silicone booties I’ll be happy.

Time will tell!

The bike...

The bike…

I’m running a 28T chainring on the Next SL cranks currently. I also have a 30T ring I may swap to over time. I’m not sure about that yet. So far the 28T x 36T is my normal techy steep climbing gear with the 42T held in reserve for steep smoother climbs like fireroads.

7 thoughts on “Next SL Crankset Review…

  1. Hi again, i finally got my bike and i’m loving it!

    I’m considering switching the crank to what you are using (RF Next SL)

    May i know which BB are you using with that crank?


  2. @Al – I’m using the Race Face PF92 BB that works with my Pivot frame.

  3. No issues after 6 months of regular use with a fair bit of wet riding. I’d buy another RF BB.

    • Sounds good!

      I noticed there are 2 versions of the RF BB92 bottom bracket for the 30mm clinch system (83mm and 68/73mm) which is the correct one for the Next SL with our frame?

      I hope i’m not bothering you too much with all these questions.

      Thanks again.

  4. No trouble at all Al. I had to figure the same details out.

    It’s the PF92 BB for the 30mm cinch system.

    If you are installing it yourself into a Mach 6 do some research on how to install it as there are some technical aspects that will ensure you don’t have any snags.

    I had my mechanic install it as I didn’t want to risk damaging the carbon frame.

    • That’s great…

      I’m definitely getting my LBS to install it for me…

      Thanks for all the advice, appreciate it.


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