Cumberland – Mud and Blood!

Here is the mud!

Here is the mud!

In the post below I mused that I was starting to miss the cool/damp of winter riding conditions after much heat and dust lately. Well the Bike Gods were listening. The Dirt Hombres headed up to Cumberland BC for the weekend and Saturday delivered on the damp. No real rain, but previous day’s wetness was still present on the trails so we got a taste for mud and wet roots once again.

Saturday's ride - click for larger map and GPS track...

Saturday’s ride – click for larger map and GPS track…

Our fine local hosts Jerry and Mark showed us a great route up to Race Rocks and Trent River Canyon. I can’t tell you the names of all the trails we rode, but it was a fun day of slipping and sliding in the forest.

The Dirt Hombres do Cumberland...

The Dirt Hombres do Cumberland…

I recently attended a mountain bike clinic put on by Drift Mountain Biking. I’ve been riding dirt for decades, but there is always more to learn and I was using my newly honed skills in Cumberland to reach faster speeds and better flow than ever before. All was going so well until I lost the front wheel on a wet wooden structure and had to leap off my bike at the top and try and land on my feet. It mostly worked out with some minor damage to man and machine. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with zipties, electrical tape and beer! 😉

Looking down in the shower I was impressed by the amount of mud and blood coming off my legs!

Sunday's ride map - click for larger and GPS track...

Sunday’s ride map – click for larger and GPS track…

Oddly enough Sunday’s ride was more rainy, but the trails were drier. It was supposed to be easier, but instead of one big climb the smaller more frequent climbs still felt pretty tough! We got to ride quite a lot of the BC Bike Race course over the 2 days which was cool.

Thanks again to Jerry, Mark and Brian for taking the time to show the Hombres around. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cumberland – Mud and Blood!

  1. Love reading your post. I’m heading up to Victoria for a few days of riding before Crankworx with a friend. Maybe you will be game to show us around? We are both on pivot mach 6 and pretty much open for anything.
    Let me know coming from the east coast. I’ll shoot you a message on MTBR also.

    • @Brandon – for sure…can give me the specific dates you are in town and want to ride. Shouldn’t be an issue. Be happy to show you around.

      — Vik

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