Chilcotins Tour 2014 Route

The 7 day trip I’m heading out on with some Dirt Hombres is similar to what is shown in these videos.

This map shows our base route...

This map shows our base route…

We’ll fly from the yellow dot [Tyax Lodge] on the far right to the blue dot on the left [Lorna Lake] and then ride back to Tyax via the pink trails. If time allows we’ll explore a bit more in the area to the right of the green pen.

See you in a couple weeks. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Chilcotins Tour 2014 Route

  1. Enjoy this! I just came back from a 4 day epic – ride Lorna, Elbow, Deer, Windy and Lick passes. Unbelievably fun riding. It’s all hike a bike up hills and amazing descents! Hope the weather is as awesome as ours was – no clouds all week!

    I can’t wIt to see what you think of Little Graveyard, it’s one trail on my “must return to ride” list.

    If you can ride out over Windy Pass, check out Lick. It’s a full on downhill that was the best descent I’ve had in a while! The Krampus handled it fine, but it is pushing the downhill limits!

  2. @Jeff – glad to hear you had fun. I’m really looking forward to turning some pedals after a year of planning.

    If you have some trip photos online I’d love to see them. 🙂

  3. Hi Vik,

    Thank you for starting your new blog.

    Your lazyrando was great and so is your new one.

    Vince – Calgary

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