Surly Pugsley – Sold Thanks!

Vik's 18" Pugsley...

Vik’s 18″ Pugsley…

Update: Purple 16″ Pugsley is sold so only the 18″ green Pugsley is still available.

It’s come time to sell our beloved Surly Pugsley fatbikes. We love them, but our biking missions and lives have changed quite a lot since they were bought such that we don’t have any need for uber fat tires. They have been well taken care of over the time we have had them and were recently repainted and overhauled so they are like new. No damage, dents or other problems. They can be ridden as is for many more years without a major service.

These bikes are the perfect adventure rigs. They’ll take you over sand, snow and handle dirt quite well. They can be loaded up with soft bikepacking bags or racks and panniers. The steel frames give a comfortable ride and they are tough enough for anything that might come your way. The Alfine 8 IGHs have proven reliable and nearly maintenance free – ideal if you want to ride not worry about ripping off a derailleur or getting your shifting dialled in.

You can build 29+ wheels for these bikes using Surly Rabbit Hole rims if you want a less-fat option for summer time riding.

Spec’s Common to Both Pugsleys

  • Surly Pugsley steel fatbikes
  • Alfine 8 IGH with trigger shifters [geared 32T x 23T]
  • Surly 135mm front hubs w/ 23T fixed gear cog attached for emergency wheel swap
  • Phil Woods BBs [fresh bearings]
  • Shimano cranks [Alivio/Deore] w/ some wear marks
  • Avid BB7 brakes & levers w/ fresh housing and cables
  • freshly powder coated frames and frame saver applied during rebuild
  • offset 135mm rear end and fork
  • no Surly stickers applied
  • Both bikes come with a Salsa stem [I have some alternative stems to help you dial in fit]
  • Both bikes come with a MTB riser bar [I have a few options we can discuss to dial in the fit]

You can see lots of photos here:

Sharon's Purple Pugsley...

Sharon’s Purple Pugsley…

Notes on Green [18″] Pugsley

  • brand new Surly Rolling Darryl rims w/ cut outs [custom powder coated red]
  • nearly new Big Fat Larry tires
  • Epic Designs [aka Revelate] custom frame bag [like new]
Sharon in Baja...

Sharon in Baja…


  • Green 18″ Pusgley $1350 + shipping
  • Purple 16″ Pugsley $1100 + shipping
  • $150 off if you buy both

We built these bikes up as a custom build from parts for ~$2500/each. The ideal was to have a robust no nonsense adventure bike and we succeeded in that regard. A new Pugsley costs close to $2000 and doesn’t come with an IGH which in my mind makes a ton of sense for a fatbike.

What’s not included?

  • no saddes
  • no pedals
  • no racks
  • no panniers or bikepacking bags [other than Epic Designs frame bag on 18″ Pugs]
Vik's Pugsley in Baja...

Vik’s Pugsley in Baja…

12 thoughts on “Surly Pugsley – Sold Thanks!

  1. Selling the Pugsley’s? That makes me sad. OTOH, if you’re not using them……why keep ’em.

  2. Have you sold these yet?
    Might be interested in 16 ” pugsley

    • Hi Kelly,

      The 16″ Pugsley is still available. Too busy this summer riding to put much energy into selling it.

      • Hi Vic I’m out in Abbotsford any chance of meeting up? What’s your best price?..kelly

        Sent from my HTC

      • Hi Kelly I won’t be out Abbotsford way any time soon. If you want to get on the ferry to Schwartz Bay as a walk on I can meet you at the ferry terminal to eliminate the shipping cost. The 16″ Pugsley cost is $1100 which is an excellent price looking at the condition and the parts. In particular running an internal geared hub makes so much sense for a fatbike. Minimal maintenance and hard to damage in the field.

      • I must have read the add wrong,I thought you were willing to deliver to Van and a few other locales. I’m on afternoon shift ,then on call for a week,really can’t get stuck on a miss work) I’ll have to do some head scratchin;)…Kelly

        Sent from my HTC

  3. This post is from March…at that time I had quite a few trips planned to the mainland which is why I said I would deliver. I’m still willing to deliver the bike, but it will need to coincide with a trip to the mainland of which I have none planned for the remainder of July and August.

    I can ship the bike via Greyhound which wouldn’t be overly expensive. I’d charge you $50 and eat anything it costs over that amount.

  4. Has the green pug sold?

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