Five Ten Freerider Elements Review

Worn, but still rocking and rolling...

Worn, but still rocking and rolling…

I’ve owned and loved Five Ten Impact Low shoes for well over 5yrs now. They have served me well, but I had a hankering for some lighter, less bulky and faster drying foot wear. So I tried some Five Ten Freerider VXI shoes which fell apart on me after a few rides as well as some Five Ten Ascent approach shoes which had some very ungrippy soles that were downright dangerous on wet surfaces.

Both pairs got returned to the store pronto. 😦

Still having had such good experiences with the Impact Lows I gave Five Ten another shot and tried some Freerider Elements out. Well after 6 months of use I’m glad I did. They meet all of my requirements and are very comfy on and off the bike.

This old school version of the Freerider model has a slimmer classic look that’s at home on the bike or at the pub. It’s lighter and less burly than my Impact Lows and as a plus it dries much faster when it gets wet.

Stealth rubber sole for good pedal and walking traction...

Stealth rubber sole for good pedal and walking traction…

The shoe doesn’t protect my feet quite as well as the Impact Lows nor are they as grippy, but they are reasonable on both counts.

I’ve done dozens of hours of hike-a-bike in the Elements and come away smiling.

For use on and off the bike I’d give the nod to the Elements for their versatility. Looking at just bike use I think the Impact Lows are still a better shoe.

Ultimately since I got the Elements I haven’t worn the Impact Lows once so that should tell you how I am feeling about them.

Mine used to look bling like this...

Mine used to look bling like this…

5 thoughts on “Five Ten Freerider Elements Review

  1. What part of the country do you live in? I understand from Five-Ten that the Elements shoes have more insulation and are designed to keep your feet warmer in cold weather…..since I live in Texas, I definitely don’t need my feet any warmer. Did you find these are warmer than the impacts? I have Impacts and Freeriders and was hoping the Elements fall somewhere in between.

  2. Ah, I see you are in BC where it actually gets cold. Would still love your opinion though!

    • @Jake – it gets hot and dry here in the summer then wet and cold in the winter. The Elements are not insulated. They are supposed to be more waterproof than other 5.10’s that seems to be true at least at first. Eventually your foot gets wet one way or the other since they are low shoe. I find they are cooler than the Impact Lows in hot weather and no real difference in cold weather.

      • Ok, cool, that helps. Knowing they are cooler than the Impact Lows means they should work well for me. Thanks Vik!

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