Need Salt Lake City MTB Help…

SLC baby!

SLC baby!

I’ve got a good friend who lives in SLC. Great guy. Wants to get into MTBing, but is beyond a total newbie. If he lived in Victoria I’d show him the ropes, but the only time I am down Utah way is when I am headed to Moab for some decidedly non-beginner friendly riding.

So if you are in SLC, ride mountain bikes and are willing to gently help out an aspiring rider learn the ropes let me know.

I’m very picky about my friends so aside from free beer and the karma of helping someone out  you’ll likely make a good friend. 🙂

Alternatively if you know of anyone doing MTB skills coaching in SLC and can send me the details that would work fine. My Goggle searches didn’t turn up anything yet.

4 thoughts on “Need Salt Lake City MTB Help…

  1. Thanks Ken. Scott has a bike that is good enough for XC trails. He just needs someone to show him the ropes and help him build up his cycling fitness without killing him.

  2. I live south of downtown in Cottonwood Heights by the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon. The trails further south at Corner Canyon are great for beginners. That’s where I have taken my two boys (7 & 8 years old) this summer for their first mtb rides. I’m always happy to introduce someone to mountain biking – it’s been such a great part of my life that sharing it with others is a real treat.

  3. So…. Sink or swim at the top of Captain Ahab isn’t what you’re looking for?

    MTBing can be so tough to get into. When I started to teach my wife to ride, I was completely terrible at it. I took her to trails I found easy, not to easy trails. It took several crashes, several terrible experiences, a few “i’m never doing this again” moments to figure out a smarter learning curve….

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