Sell me your packraft!

Photo: JH Packrafts

Photo: JH Packrafts

Up until a week ago I’d have told you I had no use for a packraft. I’ve got zero interest in whitewater paddling for fun. I’ve never encountered a body of water I couldn’t cross or get around easily on my bikepacking trips and we don’t have many rivers around here that are suitable for a bike out float back type trip. Then I was at Spruce Lake in the Chilcotins and needed a boat to get my fishing on and had to borrow a crappy rowboat from an outfitter and got yelled at because I didn’t ask the right person and sign some waiver. At the same time two guys showed up with packrafts and their bikes and proceeded to fish like bandits.

Hmmmm….time to start thinking about a packraft! šŸ˜‰

I’ve been using a plastic kayak to fish from, but I am limited to lakes I can drive to and carry a 40lb 10′ boat in to. So a light packable raft would be great to use biking or hiking up to lakes that harder to get to in the mountains that see less fishing pressure.

Yukon Yak...

Alpacka Yukon Yak…

The one I am looking at is the Alpacka Yukon Yak. I’m nearly 6′ tall with a fat ass so I need something bigger than the smallest rafts, but I don’t need the biggest expedition rafts. This bad boy costs $1K with a paddle so I figured I would ask around if anyone had an older Alpacka raft in good shape they wanted to sell to get the latest greatest level of performance? I’m just going to fish from it in high mountain lakes that I hike or bike to.

I don’t want any of the cheapie knock offs so if it’s not an Alpacka raft or a Feathercraft or something comparable I won’t be interested. Colour doesn’t matter.

Let me know…

One thought on “Sell me your packraft!

  1. Ha, ha, yes you did say that to me in reply to a comment on thelazyrando blog a couple years ago.

    I got myself an Alpaca unrigged explorer and did give it a go fishing. I only ended up catching fish from the waters edge, but it was so damn relaxing floating around in the raft, investigating potential fishing spots I couldn’t otherwise access, that I didn’t care. Will be out again soon for sure. By the way, nice reviews, looks like you are still having fun.

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