Right Sizing the Fleet…

I've been doing a lot less of this...

I’ve been doing a lot less of this…

I’ve been shedding a lot of bikes this year. So far I’ve sold:

  • Dahon folder
  • Surly Big Dummy
  • Surly Pugsley [Sharon’s]
  • Sury Pugsley [Vik’s]

and I’ve got my Surly LHT up for sale so that will be gone sooner or later.

I’m headed towards a 4.5 bike fleet:

  • Bike Friday Tikit [folding bike]
  • Surly Straggler [commuter/city bike]
  • Surly Krampus [bikepacking bike]
  • Pivot Mach 6 [mountain bike]
  • Bike Friday Traveller XL tandem [only half is mine ;)]
And doing a lot more of this...

And doing a lot more of this…

The three middle bike are the ones I really need with the 2 Bike Fridays staying in rotation because they are fun to ride and because I can see myself getting a contract in downtown Victoria and suddenly riding the Tikit daily again.

I’ve hung on to a number of bikes I used a lot in Calgary for the 4yrs I’ve lived in Victoria despite not using them nearly as much. I finally had to admit to myself that life here is different and needs different bikes. I used to live right downtown in Calgary with 50km of city expanding out in every direction. So I did a lot of urban riding. Add in winter to the mix and my selection of bikes made a ton of sense there. To get to the great MTB trails in Calgary I had to drive 60-90 mins each way to the mountains making trail rides a major operation best left for a weekend.

Don't need a fatbike for winter riding in Victoria...

Don’t need a fatbike for winter riding in Victoria…

Fast forward to now when I can be on world class MTB trails in less than 15 mins and riding after work is no big deal. I still need to do some urban riding, but it’s less frequent and involves much longer distances per trip.  And forget about winter. We ride “skinny” MTBs here 365 days/year.

Selling bikes I loved and had many great times on has been hard. I tried to make use of my fatbikes here just to justify their existence, but eventually I had to acknowledge they did nothing well that I needed to do on the coast. We rarely if ever get snow and sand beaches are not common.

The garage is feeling a bit bare, but it’s nice to be able to move around inside it more easily.

The one bike I need to make a decision on is my Santa Cruz Nomad. With a new mountain bike in the fleet I don’t absolutely need it, but I have many great memories of our rides together and my thought is winter is so brutal to suspension bikes here that I’m hoping to ride it through the wet part of the year and give the Mach 6 a rest. If that doesn’t happen I’ll be selling it as well.


3 thoughts on “Right Sizing the Fleet…

  1. As always a good, if not sad, post. Sad to see bikes going, but I see your point.

    Curious as to why the Big Dummy went. Not as much need for cargo bike there either?


    • @Ty- from my house into town is a 7km round trip at a minimum vs. Calgary where a 2km radius probably covered 80% of my errand rides. Given that I’ve got amazing MTBing close by I’d rather spend my cycling time on the trails then chugging away on a cargo bike. Back in Calgary if I didn’t get a lot of urban riding in I just wouldn’t be cycling very much.

      These days I save up my errands and hit them on my motorcycle. It’s a more efficient use of my time.

      Life is just different in Victoria.

  2. I feel ya. I need to clear a few bikes from the fleet to make room for a new one. While I definitely have an emotional attachment to all my bikes, I don’t need several “redundant” bikes anymore, nor do I want to spend the time/money to keep all the bikes in the fleet “up to shape”. But it’s still a hard thing to do.

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