Night Riding…



It’s that time of year in Canada when night riding is a necessity if you want to get out on the trails regularly. It’s dark as you go to work and dark again when you leave. Bike light technology has evolved to a point where everyone can rock 1000 lumens+ at a reasonable cost so getting a crew out in the dark isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Now that my arm is back to pain free I can’t say no to a ride because it’s cold, dark and wet. I am feeling the long time I spent off the bike in terms of slow speeds and harder perceived efforts. That’s fine as long as I can get my normal fitness back for the spring when riding picks up steam on Vancouver Island. In the meantime I can sympathize with folks that suck wind at the back of the pack and at least the darkness hides my tears. 😉

Some wet Hombres...

Some wet Hombres…

I’m really glad I switched back to the old bike when I look at how gnarly it is getting with so much mud flung up onto the drivetrain and suspension. The extra weight isn’t so welcome, but I keep telling myself it’s helping get fitter faster!

Those 1100 gram 2.4″ Conti Trail Kings ain’t light, but they do a good job of gripping the wet rocks and roots. Not to mention chew threw the snow we will hopefully get for a day or two before things warm up.

The Nomad may be old, but it still rocks! 🙂



One thought on “Night Riding…

  1. Welcome back Vik, now you know how I feel every ride…haha!

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