2015 Goals…

Good times exploring...

Good times exploring…

My 2014 Report Card

  1. Explore the Chilcotins further
  2. Ride Squamish BC
  3. Ride the North Shore [Mt. Fromme]
  4. Ride Pemberton BC
  5. Get in 1 or 2 days of MTB coaching
  6. Get a new FS mountain bike
  7. Get out for at least 4 trail maintenance days with SIMBS
  8. Get in at least 60 days of bicycle commuting
  9. Complete the Vancouver Island bikepacking route
  10. Pump up the mountain bike stoke levels wherever I go
  11. Get some manualling skills dialed
  12. Keep working on the Dirt Hombres Mountain Bike Club with an eye to Global Bike Club Domination!
  13. Improve my mountain bike action photography skills [use a remote flash, more advanced processing and a better lens on my DSLR]
  14. Donate time to support the local organizations I am a member of
  15. Make lots of time to hang out with my friends

Green means I got ‘er done. Red remains undone from last year.



2015 Goals

  1. Complete Vancouver Island Bikepacking Route
  2. Ride 2 new places [Squamish & North Shore]
  3. 20 days of bike commuting
  4. Do a motorcycle dirt tour [motopacking?]
  5. Learn some basic whitewater paddling techniques

Unlike previous years I’m going to keep this year’s hit list short and sweet. It’s not as ambitious as in the past, but each item is important to me. With such a concise list I’m aiming for 100% success in ticking each one of.

2 thoughts on “2015 Goals…

  1. That is still good going

  2. Good for you Vik!

    #1 is a public service ranking somewhere just below the discovery of the North-West Passage … I’ll buy you a beer when you’re done!

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