Thanks North Face!

TNF Venture Jacket...

TNF Venture Jacket…

Quite a few years ago I bought a North Face Venture jacket which is a light budget priced rain jacket featuring a proprietary waterproof-breathable HyVent coating inside the garment. That jacket served me well seeing a lot of action from my usual outdoor activities around Calgary to the deserts of the SW US as well as my frequent trips to Baja. The coating started peeling around the neck/hood junction after a couple years and I stopped using it as a rain jacket since it would leak pretty badly. I occasionally wore it as a wind breaker, but getting bits of the coating on my other clothes was enough of a drag that I stopped wearing it and replaced it with a second slightly newer design of Venture jacket.

Sadly the coating around the neck/hood area of the new jacket started peeling without seeing much use.

Peeling coating...

Peeling coating…

I was pretty disappointed.

I kept both jackets for reasons I can’t fully explain. The first had some sentimental value as we had been on many trips together. The second I guess I kept because I felt I hadn’t gotten a reasonable amount of value from it….despite the fact it wasn’t getting used much in it’s leaky condition.

Recently I was on the TNF website and noticed their lifetime guarantee. Remembering I still had these jackets I called them up on a whim and asked if I had a valid warranty claim. I was answered by a helpful person who offered to replace the second jacket with a new one since that coating issue was a known problem.

So I sent in my second jacket and received a new jacket when I got back from the holidays.

I appreciate the product support from North Face. My jacket was quiet old by the time I called in for help and they still replaced it without any hassles. Had I not waited so many years I could have had the first jacket replaced as well, but they had a time limited program in place to deal with the HyVent issues and frankly I felt I got enough use from that jacket to justify the purchase cost.

Thanks North Face! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thanks North Face!

  1. I too have a raincoat that is peeling. Today, a girl asked me what was on my neck and I didn’t know. Upon going out again later in the day I put on my pink north face raincoat and I noticed the peeling coming off of it. I wore it out to supper and the booth I was sitting in had a lot of peeling in it. People I was with asked me what it was. I love north face products and hope that they will stand behind this defect with their product. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  2. Hi, i just noticed my northface jacket peeling and leaving my neck full of white speckles. what can i do to stop it from peeling off?

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