X-Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

X-Fusion HiLio 125 dropper installed...

X-Fusion HiLio 125 dropper installed…

My long suffering and neglected KS dropper post stopped working reliably recently. It lives on my winter mountain bike a Santa Cruz Nomad. I’m so used to dropper posts now I can’t imagine futzing with a non-adjustable post, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of $$ on a winter bike. My Nomad’s post is the same diameter as my main bike so $$ spent on this post also give me a spare post for my Pivot Mach 6 which is nice on road trips so I can just do a swap and keep riding.

Living in Canada and having weak dollars in the bank buying from the US is a bad deal right now. A quality post like a Rock Shox Reverb is ~$400+ locally and more than I wanted to spend.

HiLo with a WTB saddle...

HiLo with a WTB saddle…

Hunting around I found X-Fusion HiLO dropper posts 100mm /125mm height being sold at MEC for $199CDN and $219CDN respectively. They seem like a quality product and the Canadian X-Fusion distributor is located in Victoria so that’s a bonus for me. MEC ships them free in Canada so if you need a moderately priced dropper that doesn’t suck with a Canadian source I thought I’d mention it.

I got a 125mm/30.9mm unit which weighed 635g including cable/remote lever.

Installation was fairly easy except that to replace the cable you have to pull the saddle and top of the post’s clamp completely off the dropper which is a PITA for a quick cable swap. On the plus side the hidden cable location and activation mechanism seems like it will be protected for wetness and debris better than my old KS unit. Cable activated droppers are easier to work with and service when you need to maintain them, but a hydraulic dropper requires less maintenance once installed.

The remote lever is similar to the design on my older Crank Brothers Joplin posts with easy 360 degree activation that can be mounted anywhere on the bar. The cable allows the hydraulic mechanism in the dropper to raise the post and your body weight to lower it. It can be left at any height with its adjustment range. The speed at which it comes back up is on the slow side. I haven’t figured out if I can adjust the speed in any way.

I like that the seat is locked in place when you don’t mess with the remote so you can lift your bike by the seat in any position.

I really like the X-Fusion remote lever...

I really like the X-Fusion remote lever…

I’ve had great luck with dropper posts [CB Joplin and KS posts] given that they were reputed to be unreliable and I ride in harsh conditions a lot so I expect good things from the X-Fusion, but only time will tell.


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