Bike Magazine Pivot Mach 6 Review

Bike Magazine posted this Pivot Mach 6 review recently. I thought I would share.

You can read some additional printed info from their review here.

You can read my thoughts on the bike here.

Two points I don’t agree with the review are:

  • internal cable routing on this bike is lame in my opinion. It’s hard to use, finicky to setup and after all the bother it only”hides” 14″ of housing from view, but also leaves 12″ of exposed derailleur cable next to the rear wheel where crap will contaminate it. Definitely not awesome.
  • Due to the shorter TT and CS the WB on this bike is actually quite short for a 6″ travel all mountain bike making it a good choice for tight forest trails if you want one-bike-to-rule-them-all fleet.
My Pivot Mach 6...

My Pivot Mach 6…

Despite my quibbles with a few details of this bike I’m still quite happy with it after 10 months of ownership. For an efficient bike that can charge up and down our tight techy forested BC trails it would still be my choice if I was buying a new ride in 2015.

The only difference is I would buy a stealth black bike instead of the power ranger blue I own and customize it myself with less garish decals.

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