Spike Spank Pedal Review

Spike pedals on my Santa Cruz Nomad...

Spike pedals on my Santa Cruz Nomad…

We’ve got 3 or 4 pairs of Spank Spike pedals on our mountain bikes. They are light, slim profile to minimize pedal strikes, wide platforms and grippy replaceable pins. They handle our frequently moist riding conditions without much maintenance and they are tough enough to withstand smacking into rocks.

Click image for product info...

Click image for product info…

One of the selling features of these pedals is that they are easy to service. After 18+ months of year round riding Sharon’s Spike’s were in need of service. I ordered up a rebuild kit and got to work. If you have the correct size blind bearing puller [I did not] these pedals take 10mins to service back to new condition. If you don’t have a blind bearing puller you can’t remove the main inboard bearing. Brent at Velofix.com was kind enough to pop out the bearings for me. Once that was done replacing the bearing and IGUS bushing in each pedal was a snap.

Time for some love...

Time for some love…

All in all these are some great pedals. I plan to keep the sets we have on our bikes running strong for many years with the odd rebuild. If you need mountain bike pedals you could do far worse.

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