Omnaris Review

Click on image to jump to product page...

Click on image to jump to product page…

I don’t think I have ever reviewed a drug before on my blog, but I love this stuff and it’s worked miracles for me so I wanted to pass on the info to other folks with nasal allergy problems.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been plagued with seasonal allergies as well as dust and pet allergies. Frankly when I go to do a allergy test panel I’m allergic to pretty much anything you can breathe in! For someone who likes to be active outdoors breathing is pretty important. So I’ve tried a wide variety of treatments over the years with very limited success.

That was until 5yrs ago when I got a free sample of Omnaris nasal spray. It literally shuts down my allergies in a day or so. It’s been 100% effective for me every time I have used it. I’ve seen no side-effects and it’s pretty cheap to buy if you don’t have a drug plan from work.

I basically use it when I am symptomatic and when I am no longer having issues I taper off naturally and stop until the next time.

I’m no doctor so take this only as a layman’s opinion. You’ll need a prescription for it any ways so you’ll need to chat with your doctor to see it’s appropriate for you. My doctor had loads of free samples so you may well be able to try it for free.

I currently get it free from my drug plan, but I would happily pay for it given the fast relief from very severe allergy symptoms it provides.

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