Krampus Float 34 Mods Redux…

3" Surly Knard + Fox Float 34...

3″ Surly Knard + Fox Float 34…

I got around to another Fox Float 34 fork brace modification session today. I’ve used a rotary tool once before to create more clearance for the Surly Knard 3″ wide 29+ tire. I don’t want to get too crazy removing material so I figured going at it over a few sessions will keep me in check and let me evaluate the current clearance without any pressure to get it “right” in one go.

Ready To roll...

Ready To roll…

I’ve got enough clearance to keep my mind at ease now. I’ll see how things roll during the first couple shorter bikepacking trips in the spring.

7 thoughts on “Krampus Float 34 Mods Redux…

  1. Cool, I didn’t realize a Float 34 existed for 29″/120mm. Any thoughts about getting a Chupacabra up front, or even a Dirt Wizard? Still happy with the Rabbit Holes, considering available options?

  2. My fork is a 29er Float 34 at 130mm of travel. My buddy took it off his bike when he installed a Pike so I got it cheap. I’d be happy with a 140mm fork as well. Steering geo is great for steep loose trails I ride and doesn’t seem poor for just general gravel grinding.

    There is a ton more material to remove if desired. I’m going 1mm at a time since you can always take more off, but never add some back. 😉

    I haven’t seen any other 29+ tires in the flesh yet so I can’t comment on them.

    I do hope to get some Maxxis Chronicles by early summer so I’ll post up fit details when I them.

    If money was no object I’d get som 35 or 38mm Light Bicycle carbon hoops for the Krampus, but the RHs have been flawless so I’ve decide not to do that. At least not this year.

    New rims would be nice, but I am trying to avoid gratuitous spending so I can get on the path of riding more and working less. 😉

    I would not hesitate to tackle any trip with RH’s.

    — Vik

    • Light Bicycle now also makes a 50mm rim. I am eagerly awaiting a good deal on a Fox or MRP fork, at which point I’ll need to build a new wheel with a 15mm hub. It won’t make sense to re-use my cracked Dually, so I’ll be looking at the LB 50mm, the Nextie 50mm, the WTB, and possibly the Alex internal 50mm rim. Fortunately for those of us who ride slippery PNW tech trails, the new Dirt Wizard looks as though it will have similar tread width/height as the Knard.

      Your set-up looks fantastic. I’m surprised this hasn’t usurped the place of your dual-suspension bike.

      • I’m not keen on the 50mm wide LB rims or any 50mm wide rims….partially because of the fact I own a 50mm wheelset and partially because I’d rather have a lighter weight wheelset I can use in a “skinny” 29er to keep them versatile.

        The Krampus is a great bike for light to medium tech trails, but as things get rougher and speeds get higher it doesn’t compare to my FS bike.

      • The Nextie 40mm might be a nice all around rim for both of you, wide enough for 3.0″ rubber and narrow enough to be appropriate for 2.3″ tires as well, like the ibis wheels.

  3. Do you have a before shot of what the clearance looked like? I’m just trying to gage how much material you have had to remove thus far.

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