Continental Trail King 27.5 x 2.4″ Tires

Fresh rubber!

Fresh rubber!

I love Continental Trail Kings in the 26″ x 2.4″ format. I’ll go so far as to say they are the only tire I’ll use on my 26″ bikes because they are so tall they provide amazing roll through our rough tech that typifies South Shore mountain biking on Vancouver Island. The large volume makes ’em very comfy and they’ve got a nice surefooted knob pattern making us smile while riding through slick conditions we get every winter. So far we’ve worn through a few sets and they’ve setup tubeless easy and been 100% reliable no matter how hard they are plowed through sharp SW desert rocks on regular trips to Sedona and Moab. The downside is they are ~1000-1200g each [higher for UST].

Another super easy tubeless setup...

Another super easy tubeless setup…

Sharon rolled through last season on 650B x 2.35″ Schwalbe Hans Damfs then switched to her 26er bike with fat Trail Kings for the winter. She immediately loved how stable and confidence inspiring the Continental tires were. Personally I really like the Hans Damfs because they roll fast, provide loads of grip and they are ~450g lighter each than the 26er Trail Kings we ride. For Sharon the peace of mind of the TK’s is worth a weight penatly since she’ll charge lines she might walk if she doubts her machine.

So we ordered up some of 27.5 x 2.4″ TK’s for her 650B bike. We got the Black Chilli version, but not the UST model so they were only 1000g. That’s about 250g extra per wheel vs. the Schwalbes.

Trail Kings are like old friends...

Trail Kings are like old friends…

Tubeless setup was very easy as I’ve come to expect for these tires. Just pop them on the rim with some yellow tape, 2.5 scoops of Stan’s and a 1 CO2 cartridge to seat the bead. Done!

No sealant left...

No sealant left…

Looking in her old tires there was just a puddle of dirty water left where her Stan’s used to be. That’s a good reminder to refresh sealant at the start of each new season.

Presents for me! :)

Presents for me! 🙂

Sharon also installed a Race Face Turbine Cinch crank on her 650B bike because she wanted a smaller chainring than the 30T that’s the low limit of a SRAM XO1 crank. Since I did the Schwalbe tires and I was looking to upgrade the Deore cranks on my Krampus I got her cast offs. I’ll put them to good use. 🙂



I pulled my largest Stanimal yet out of Sharon’s rear tire. It was quite a beast!

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