Troy Lee Skyline Shorts Review

Troy Lee Skyline Shorts...

Troy Lee Skyline Shorts…

I’ve been using Troy Lee Skyline shorts for about 3yrs now. Of the various mountain bike shorts I use they stand out as my clear favourite. They are made of a lighter stretchy fabric that allows a high degree of mobility while still maintaining a less baggy fit. Despite lost of rough use and crashes they look brand new. They are fairly light on features with just two unzippered front pockets I like a lot of maps. There is also a small rear zippered key pocket I never use.

They have adjustable waist velcro to dial the fit. Due to my lack of hips I do find these shorts slip down an inch or two during a ride and I will pull them back up a few times. I have this problem with every pair of shorts and pants I own so I’m not going to blame Troy Lee. They come down to just above my knee pads which is a good length for pedalling. You can trim an inch or so off each leg with a double hem that’s built in should you want a shorter leg, but I’ve never felt the urge to do this.

Back view...

Back view…

Off the bike they look low profile so you aren’t screaming “I MOUNTAIN BIKE!” when you stop off at the grocery store on the way home from the traihead. You can get them in darker plain colours and some pretty wild options as well.

They do not come with a padded liner which I love. I hate wearing diapers and if I buy a short with a liner I cut it out and throw it away before the first ride…that’s a waste of materials and an expensive feature I don’t use. I’m really happy to have a great short option that isn’t padded.

I typically grab size 32 or 34 pants and I wear a 32 in these shorts so they fit true to size.

Retail cost is $70 USD, but they are frequently on sale and I buy them when they are $35-50 USD.

I had an issue with a different model of Troy Lee shorts. I contacted them through their website and never got any help. So I can’t say good things about TL’s warranty support. OTOH I’ve never had a problem with the Skyline model and I like them enough I’ll keep buying them despite this experience.

Matchy matchy tops...

Matchy matchy tops…

What I like?

  • decent price and often on sale
  • rugged
  • lots of stretch for great mobility
  • looks nice on and off bike
  • doesn’t have lots of unused features


What don’t I like?

  • waist slips down on me [mostly the fault of my lack of hips]
  • fabric holds sweat longer than some others
  • sketchy warranty support from Troy Lee



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