KRob’s Pivot Mach 6 Mk2 Review

Photo: Stuck in the Spokes Blog

Photo: Stuck in the Spokes Blog

KRob is a member and owner of the Stuck in the Spokes Blog. He has posted a nice review of the Pivot Mach 6 Mk2 on his blog which you can read here.

I left him this comment on his post which I’ll repost here since it’s a good summary of my feelings about the 2014 Mach 6 Mk1 I’m riding as my main trail bike.

“Thanks for the review KRob. I bought a M6 in 2014 partially based on your review. It has been a great bike for tight techy forest riding here on Vancouver Island.

 I ride my M6 for the spring and summer then switch to a SC Nomad Mk 2 for winter.

 Things I love about the M6:

  •  short wheelbase for TT size makes it very maneuverable it techy tight trails
  • efficient pedaling platform but doesn’t get hung up on tech features climbing
  • slack STA makes pedalling position good with short WB and keeps front wheel light for powering over tech in the saddle
  • our trails are very rocky and rooty the M6 takes all the pounding without complaint
  • 12 months of riding and the suspension is still quiet and tight….I have not serviced it yet
  • carbon has stood up to lots of abuse without issues

 All the things I didn’t love seem to have been solved in the Mk2 Mach 6.

 I didn’t notice the lack of stiffness Pivot has solved in the new version, but I am a middle aged enthusiast rider so I don’t push my bike as hard as a lot of folks might.

 This is a great do everything bike. From long XC rides to tough DH it can do it all. Unlike some of the other AM rigs it feels more like a burly trail bike than a mini-DH bike. Since I have to climb for all my turns I appreciate getting to the top fast and efficiently.

 I’ll be keeping my M6 long-term. I want to see how it does after 5yrs+. I suspect it will stand the test of time vs. whatever else comes out.”

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