This blog is dead. Long live the blog!

Where the heck are we???

Where the heck are we???

It happened again. I used up all the gigabots for this blog with photos. I’m not interested in paying to upgrade the site so I just started a new Vikapproved Mk2 Blog. Same shit. Different channel.

See you there! šŸ˜‰

Micro Blogging on Instagram

Click on image to jump ti Instagram...

Click on image to jump to Instagram…

I’ve been too busy working and riding to blog as much as I used to. If you want a fix Im micro-photo-blogging on Instagram at @vikapproved . You are welcome to join me there. This blog will continue to see updates at a more or less once a week pace.

Surly Long Haul Trucker For Sale

My Surly LHT...

My Surly LHT…

I’m selling my trusty Surly LHT touring bike. My limited touring time these days is spent aboard a mountain bike offroad so I need to find this bike a new home. It’s a great looking bike that rides well for touring or errand missions. The bike is in excellent condition with no damage or significant wear. I’ve been using it mostly for short distance utility rides.

You can see a whole bunch of photos here:Ā https:

  • //
Retroshift brake levers...

Retroshift brake levers…

Build Spec:

  • 58cm 26″ wheeled LHT in blackalicious
  • XTR front and rear derailleurs
  • 9 speed cassette
  • Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifters mounted on Retroshift brake levers
  • Tektro CR270Ā canti-brakes with Koolstop salmon pads
  • Velo Orange stainless steel fenders
  • Shimano Alivio triple cranks
  • Velo Orange headset, stem & bell
  • Cateye bike computer
  • Schwalbe Big Apple 26″ x 2.15″ tires
Big rubber and sweet fender lines...

Big rubber and sweet fender lines…

The bike is currently setup as a 1 x 9, but the front derailleur is in place and the stock Shimano triple rings can be-reinstalled to easily provide wide range gearing. Everything is in excellent condition with minimal wear. You’ll be able to ride this bike for several seasons without doing anything to it.

Some lovely silver and gold accents...

Some lovely silver and gold accents…

A few things shown in these photos are not included with the bike:

  • no saddle
  • no pedals
  • no racks
  • no dynohub or dynolight
  • no skull mudflaps [I’ll include some black mudflap material and the fenders are pre-drilled for easy setup]
Race Face single ring plus stock Shimano triple rings included...

Race Face single ring plus stock Shimano triple rings included…

Cost is $999 + $99 for shipping.

If you want the options listed below [sold as a package not a la carte] the cost is $1399+$99 shipping:

  • front and rear Old Man Mountain racks
  • dynoub front wheel + B&M light
  • Brooks B17 Champion Flyer in Honey
  • Time ATAC platform clipess pedals or MEC MTB style platform pedals
  • Compass Bicycle 26″ x 1.75″ tires nearly new [very fast]
Optional dynohub + light and front rack...

Optional dynohub + light and front rack…

Surly Pugsley – Sold Thanks!

Vik's 18" Pugsley...

Vik’s 18″ Pugsley…

Update: Purple 16″ Pugsley is sold so only the 18″ green Pugsley is still available.

It’s come time to sell our beloved Surly Pugsley fatbikes. We love them, but our biking missions and lives have changed quite a lot since they were bought such that we don’t have any need for uber fat tires. They have been well taken care of over the time we have had them and were recently repainted and overhauled so they are like new. No damage, dents or other problems. They can be ridden as is for many more years without a major service.

These bikes are the perfect adventure rigs. They’ll take you over sand, snow and handle dirt quite well. They can be loaded up with soft bikepacking bags or racks and panniers. The steel frames give a comfortable ride and they are tough enough for anything that might come your way. The Alfine 8 IGHs have proven reliable and nearly maintenance free – ideal if you want to ride not worry about ripping off a derailleur or getting your shifting dialled in.

You can build 29+ wheels for these bikes using Surly Rabbit Hole rims if you want a less-fat option for summer time riding.

Spec’s Common to Both Pugsleys

  • Surly Pugsley steel fatbikes
  • Alfine 8 IGH with trigger shifters [geared 32T x 23T]
  • Surly 135mm front hubs w/ 23T fixed gear cog attached for emergency wheel swap
  • Phil Woods BBs [fresh bearings]
  • Shimano cranks [Alivio/Deore] w/ some wear marks
  • Avid BB7 brakes & levers w/ fresh housing and cables
  • freshly powder coated frames and frame saver applied during rebuild
  • offset 135mm rear end and fork
  • no Surly stickers applied
  • Both bikes come with a Salsa stem [I have some alternative stems to help you dial in fit]
  • Both bikes come with a MTB riser bar [I have a few options we can discuss to dial in the fit]

You can see lots of photos here:Ā

Sharon's Purple Pugsley...

Sharon’s Purple Pugsley…

Notes on Green [18″] Pugsley

  • brand new Surly Rolling Darryl rims w/ cut outs [custom powder coated red]
  • nearly new Big Fat Larry tires
  • Epic Designs [aka Revelate] custom frame bag [like new]
Sharon in Baja...

Sharon in Baja…


  • Green 18″ Pusgley $1350 + shipping
  • Purple 16″ Pugsley $1100 + shipping
  • $150 off if you buy both

We built these bikes up as a custom build from parts for ~$2500/each. The ideal was to have a robust no nonsense adventure bike and we succeeded in that regard. A new Pugsley costs close to $2000 and doesn’t come with an IGH which in my mind makes a ton of sense for a fatbike.

What’s not included?

  • no saddes
  • no pedals
  • no racks
  • no panniers or bikepacking bags [other than Epic Designs frame bag on 18″ Pugs]
Vik's Pugsley in Baja...

Vik’s Pugsley in Baja…

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to another fun year of trail riding...

Looking forward to another fun year of trail riding…

My 2014 To Do List…

  1. Explore the ChilcotinsĀ further
  2. Ride Squamish BC
  3. Ride the North Shore [Mt. Fromme]
  4. Ride Pemberton BC
  5. Get in 1 or 2 days of MTB coaching
  6. Get a new FS mountain bike
  7. Get out for at least 4 trail maintenance days with SIMBS
  8. Get in at least 60 days of bicycle commuting
  9. Complete the Vancouver Island bikepacking route
  10. Pump up the mountain bike stoke levelsĀ whereverĀ I go
  11. Get some manualling skills dialed
  12. Keep working on the Dirt Hombres Mountain Bike Club with an eye to Global Bike Club Domination!
  13. Improve my mountain bike action photography skills [use a remote flash, moreĀ advancedĀ processing and a better lens on myĀ DSLR]
  14. DonateĀ time to support the local organizations I am a member of
  15. Make lots of time to hang out with my friends


Why the change?

The start...

The start…

If you have followed me over here from The Lazy Randonneur and are wondering why I stopped publishing that blog and started this one I have an answer for you.

The short answer is it was clearly a time for a change on many fronts and stopping the TLR Blog was part of that change.

The long answer is….well…long! So let me summarize by saying I needed to break old patterns and free up time for other things. Although I could have changed my blogging ways and kept the TLR going. That would sort of be like wanting to drink less and still going to the pub everyday after work. You could order only water or OJ, but the reality is it’s far easier to just not go to the pub at all and avoid the temptation. So think of this site as the blog equivalent of a juice bar! šŸ˜‰

I posted this picture of one bookshelf in my office because it represents some of the change I’m after. Ever since I moved to Victoria my office has been a disaster zone with one project/trip starting before the last one[s] were finished and packed away. That chaos was always only barely held in check by my need to walk around the office – hence needing some clear space.

So I have started to really clean up and organize my stuff.

And although on the surface this process is only about things the reality is it also means I have to reorganize and prioritize the stuff I do. If I focus on what’s important to me and follow each task through to the end the chaos is defeated.

The bookshelf above has never been so organized and tidy. I have easy access to everything I need and in the process I got rid of or put away the other items I don’t need regular access to.

Less, but better!

This process extends outside my office and home. I want to make sure I am doing the things I want to do as much as I am able to. That may sound obvious, but it’s easy to get distracted by 10 small things close at hand that eat up your free time so you miss out on 1 of the bigger goals on your bucket list.

I still plan on blogging and taking pictures. Just less often and about stuff I care about more.

I’m hoping to share something once a week. I’ll try and make it worth your while to stop by and read it, but I am also going to be fine with letting this blog sit idle if necessary.

— Keep the rubber side down my friends… šŸ˜‰